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ZOYA Special Batch Gin by ABD Is the Latest Addition To India’s Gin Revolution

The Gin revolution that the country is currently witnessing is showing no signs of receding. With Goa and Rajasthan being the gin hotspots, there is an emphasis on small batch premium gins which are giving atiff competion to international players. The newest entrant is a gin by Allied Blenders and Distillers Limited (ABDL) namely Zoya Special Batch Gin. Being the first ever gin by the company it is is made from 100% grain and natural spirits, with delicate Juniper and 12 finest botanicals to give it a beautiful, fresh and unique finish. Smooth on the palate, the flavours of Juniper are brought alive with the accompanying ingredients like Mango-Ginger, Angelica Seed, Rosemary, Coriander, Clove, Orange, Cardamom, Cinnamon,Vanilla, Lemon, Strawberry and Caraway. Speaking on the flavour of the gin Bikram Basu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, ABD, said, "Zoya has a very well-balanced taste of various flavour profiles like herbs, fruits and spices, but none of the ingredients are overpowering. A citrusy profile is derived from the orange and lemon, whereas a spicy note can be experienced from the cinnamon and clove."

For Basu, “Zoya, the name stands for joie de vivre. It invites you to live, love, rejoice, with a beautiful blend of the finest juniper and 12 expertly selected botanicals." Over the years, there has been a stark change in trends in the Indian alcobev industry with younger and experimentative consumers leading the way and Indian origin products and experiences gaining promenance. The gin category, in particular, is leading this change. "We believe that all elements of the mix for Zoya i.e. name, price, packaging and most importantly blend are crafted for trials by the younger and experimentative gin consumers," adds the marketing officer.

Zoya operates at the affordable-luxury price point in the premium gin segment. Speaking about the packaging it's sleek, modern packaging is designed to captivate luxury consumers with its understated elegance. "Zoya's packaging demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful design choices, making it highly appealing to discerning luxury consumer ," highlights Basu. The integration of the juniper stem into the logo, combined with the soft pastel hues, creates a visually appealing product presentation. The addition of a cork closure enhances the premium feel, providing a sophisticated sensory experience.

To get a deeper insight into the gin market in India we spoke to Mr. Bikram Basu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, ABD.

Gin in India is enjoying a surge in interest. Help put it into context for us - are more people drinking gin, has the spirit transcended into the mainstream or is it still the reserve of a few enthusiasts?

Gin has a long and unique association with India. The gin-and-tonic was invented in our country during British rule. However, until a few years ago, the category rarely saw any major activity. A significant majority of the sales came from value brands and the premium end was hardly worth a mention. All of this has changed in the last 5-7 years where premium gins have burst on to the scene esp. indian gins.

Today, gin is an integral part of the alcobev scene esp. amongst urban consuming classes. Urban homes now have a range of gins available in the home bars and the same is the case with the on-premise channel.

Latching on to this trend, a whole host of homegrown mixer brands esp. tonic water have mushroomed over the past few years. This clearly points to the mainstreaming of the gin-and-tonic as well as gin cocktails culture in the country.



What kind of shifts have you witnessed in the consumer preferences for premium brands?

The premiumisation trend in the alcobev space esp. at premium price points is playing out with the following nuances:

• Experimentation: Consumers are willing to try a variety of alcobev categories and not restricted to whisky/vodka which has traditionally been the case. They are also willing to try new as well as relatively unknown brands across categories. The emergence of walk-in/browsable retail outlets has enabled this trend.

• Indian brands: Of late, Indian brands in the alcobev space have been gaining international recognition through media outlets and awards. This has led to the growing acceptance of premium homegrown brands and there is ongoing interest from consumers towards the same.

• Cocktails: Renewed interest in cocktails esp. DIY cocktails at house parties has been another trend that is being leveraged by premium brands. The Covid wave and consequent lockdowns had fuelled the interest in cocktails which continues unabated till date.

What are the aspects and trends that are going on that you feel most strongly favour this wave of enthusiasm towards gin and craft producers growing in the country?

The younger alcobev audiences are aspirational and continually look forward to newer experiences. Gin offers uniqueness of blends, cocktails and occasions for consumption which fits in with the expectations of consumers. The key trends that are contributing to the gin wave in the country are:

• Growing interest in ethnic spirits brands with unique source/ingredient stories

• Growing cohort of women drinkers in the country

• Versatility with gin: consumption with a range of mixers as well as cocktails. Additionally the consumption occasions are through the day unlike other spirits which are usually associated with certain time of the day (e.g. whisky – evenings)

Zoya Special Batch Premium Gin 750ML bottle is priced at Rs.2200



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