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Preview Edit '23

Fuelling your curiosity for fashion and luxe living is the ethos I lived by. Breaking the norms of quality over quantity our magazine caters to a niche segment of society who appreciate the finer things in life. To celebrate our 4th anniversary we are launching our first-ever E-zine, which will be a quarterly digital magazine. Over the years, we've focused on fashion, beauty, travel and F&B to give our audience insightful news updates on what's happening across the globe, and with our new addition, we will continue to serve you a lot more.


This issue is a sneak peek of what you can expect to be privy to in the coming months. We take a deep dive to understand the boom of a new micro-hospitality industry for the super-wealthy – Burnout Retreats. Are they the answer to exhaustion from fast-paced lives? Learn about all the new store openings in India and chefs share refreshing and cooling summer salad recipes for the summer. Find out more inside the issue.

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