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Top interior design colour trends

From brown hues to blue accents, discover the biggest interior design colour trends.

Instagrammable homes are a new rage amongst not only millennials but mature adults as well. One often draws toward the temptation of investing in the interiors of your home. Whether you’re doing up a new space or simply elevating the interiors of your home, the décor has a direct impact on your mood, from the colour palette to the amount of light and even décor elements. Though our personal quarters are meant to reflect our own aesthetics, the latest trends add a fresh perspective to our space. 2022 offers a refreshing bucket of colours that are warm and cosy.

Pelican Essentials Palo Sofa

Interior design trends for 2022 are bringing back some old-time classics with modern reinventions. This season people are steering away from minimalism and adopting bold, graphic patterns that are eye-catching, and muted tones and shades of brown are being championed. Leading experts sit down to talk all about key colour trends for the year.

Go For Bold

This year muted home accents are taking a back seat, Abhay Jaipuria, Co-founder, of VAYA Home believes that idea of adding bold designs to your home is now in vogue. From textures to patterns, this season more is more! "Honestly, we don’t follow trends, we just go with what we like. However, I am seeing there was a big move to laying the textures and we see that change to a lot more patterns. I think this whole idea of allowing bold designs to be a part of your house is catching up."

Vaya Home, Gulmohar collection

Vaya Home, Asaro Collection

A Cozy Colour Palette

When it comes to colour palettes that are defining interior trends tones of brown, pastels and blue are predominant. People are moving away from stark whites to incorporate moody colours like aubergine, hunter green, and black and warmer alternatives to white such as taupe, beige, and cream. Giving expression to the space these colours certainly make the space warmer and cosier.

Firdaus Variava, Vice Chairperson of Bharat Floorings and Tiles spills the beans on some key colour trends. "This season we see an amalgamation of earthy and minimalistic -- a sophisticated palette dipped in shades of sage green, powder blue and pastel hues. " Further if you're looking for quick ways to infuse some colour into your home, she suggests adding coloured concrete in decor pieces and walls will lend the space an added sense of elegance.

There has been a lot of talk about warmer hues that are becoming a favourite in home design this year, and Vipul Pirgal and Divyansh Sanklecha, Founders of Curio Casa surely agree. "What we have noticed so far through 2022 is the rise in the colour brown when it comes to home decor. Consumers have been more biased towards brown and neutral shades when choosing decor pieces, furniture, and flooring. This stems from how warm tones can make you feel cosy and at home, a feeling we have all leaned on through the pandemic."

Warm colours take precedence as a preferred colour palette; Features Curio Casa

Add colour to muted home with artwork. Paiting by Espravo

Blue Vase by Curio Casa

But if you wish to stand out from the crowd, why not embrace the colour of hope and positivity – Blue! Yes, the duo also acknowledges the rise of blue in interior spaces. "Blue and its shades are another colour we have noticed picking up in the interior space. Blue is a colour of hope, positivity, and a good mood, so more and more people have been incorporating it in their homes. There is a shade for everyone, if someone like subtle light tones they can go for an icy powder blue, and if you are someone with a bold and bright palette, electric blue can do wonders for your aesthetic."

Rosabagh Bed Collection

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