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Renovate Your Kid's Room To Keep Them Happy at Home During The Pandemic

Educational, playful and fun, Romilla Tewari, Founder and Creative Head, Thinkcutieful shares exciting tips to quirk up your kid's room during the pandemic.

With schools being closed for over a year, parents and children have suffered the brunt. While children are unable to experience the ambience of a school that enhances their learning, new parents have been trying out new methods to keep their young ones entertained through the pandemic. And it's wise to note that it's been a rough journey on both ends.

However, renovating your kids nursery in a thought way to foster their learning process is pivotal. From world maps on their walls with Disney character to beds and furniture of their favourite colour, you can even opt to add a slide to a bunk bed to make the experience fun. Romilla Tewari, Founder and Creative Head of Thinkcutieful has rightly pointed out that the environment and the spaces children inhabit and grow up in play an important tole in the way a child’s journey in the world is fostered. Right from their bed to their play area and the colours of their walls, all of it is imperative in ensuring a holistic growing environment. "Their space has become significant in the time of the pandemic. This is why creating spaces that are holistic, beautiful, educational and fun are necessary. Designing a space for children in today’s time is all about a combination of eclectic style, exceptional craftsmanship and tastefully done interiors," shares Romilla.

Tewari further shares ideas on how to design a kids room to keep them entertained within the house during a pandemic, "If you are creating a new space for your children or renovating their old one, keep the space functional and safe. Start with their bed, wall and furniture. The bed will vary depending on the child’s age but the wall can be done up in a fun manner. Think World Maps on the wall with a dash of your child’s favourite Disney character!"

Ultimately, the idea is to keep your kid inside the home and it becomes easy to create their space when you put your concepts and ideas for them to execution. Getting the interiors done exclusively ensures they love the space they are in. When it comes to creating impactful and vibrant spaces that reflect your imagination for your child’s room, it all comes down to the kind of room they would want to live in for extended time.

During the pandemic, a child's curiosity and exploration has been impacted the most with going out being nearly impossible. Creating an excellent space where the child will want to stay and have fun is also about the interiors and the aesthetics. Hence, Romilla is of the opinion that redoing your child’s space with bookshelves and slides attached to bunk beds or simply creating a theme that piques their curiosity is one way to decrease the impact. Throw in some plush cushions and bespoke furniture that is devoid of any sharp edges and is extremely kid-friendly.

Further, wall graphics with plenty of illustrations and quotes on various subjects can be incorporated as educational design elements. But when it comes to designs for educational spaces like play areas and schools, Romilla throws light on the concept of a psychomotor gym that is innovative and essential, as this helps in creating a space where a child will have enough space to play around ensuring physical fitness. A child’s holistic development is incomplete without their playtime and this ensures they get in all of it from the comfort and safety of their home in these unprecedented times.


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