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How To Choose The Right Cookware with PotsandPans

To celebrate its 6th Anniversary, PotsandPans, Saumya Aggarwal Vice President, of e-commerce and Marketing at Meyer Housewares India Pvt Ltd. tells us about the importance of using the right cookware, tips to maintain cookware and essentials for a kitchen.

By Arushi Sakhuja

Cooking at home from scratch is one of the most sought-after ways to eat healthily. It allows you to keep control of the quality, the ingredients, and how your meals are prepared. However, there is one thing, most of us ignore. The cookware - if you are using low-quality or incorrect pots or old non-stick pans you are likely doing more damage.

Be it a pot or pan, there's no denying that each serves its own purpose; and much like many other things in life, when used correctly the result exceeds expectations. Choosing the proper cookware for your dish is the single most important thing you do before turning on the stove. Be it a frypan, grill pan, saucepan, kadai, sautee pan, pressure cooker or a wok for stir-fries, each serves a special purpose. PotsandPans understands the need. Going a step further understanding when to pick a non-stick, nickel-free stainless steel and cast iron pan proves to be an imperative consideration too. "When you enter the kitchen, you are confounded with a plethora of cooking-related quandaries, and if you have the right cookware, one aspect of your woes is taken care of. Therefore, investing in the right cookware for different types of dishes is paramount as it essentially determines your cooking results," shared Saumya Aggarwal Vice President, of e-commerce and Marketing at Meyer Housewares India Pvt Ltd.

Your next question might be how do pots and pans impact the final result? For Saumya the answer is simple, "It is important to select cookware that properly distributes heat and allows for precise temperature control, in addition to matching the cooking method. You can improve the taste and texture of your food and the overall dining experience by investing in high-quality cookware that works in tandem with your cooking methods."

Since the brand launched in 2017, PotsandPans has understood that even the most gorgeous and delicious ingredients don’t stand a chance to taste (and look as good) if cooked in the incorrect pan. Selecting the proper cookware can make a huge improvement — even the most everyday of dishes.

Aggarwal shares a basic guide to help you select the right cookware for your curries, pasta and baked dishes.


While cooking curries, it's wise to pick a sauté pan, skillet, or saucepan. They can be open, however, a pan with a lid is ideal for making curries. These types of pans have flat bottoms and tall sides, which makes simmering sauces, stews, and curries easy.

Recommendations at PotsandPans: Circulon Origins 24cm Saute pan Non-Stick Hard Anodized; Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Kadai/Wok With Glass Lid, 24cm; Meyer Select Stainless Steel Straining Saucepan 18cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)


It may seem like pasta might be the easiest dish to cook, and it is! But don't forget to use a large saute pan or casserole for cooking it. These pots have a tall, straight-sided design and a spacious capacity, hence making them the ideal choice.

Recommendations at PotsandPans: Meyer Accent Series Stainless Steel Dutch Oven/Casserole Pan, 5 Litres + Universal Lid, Medium, 22-24-26cm, Matte Black; Meyer Select Stainless Steel Saute pan 24cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

Meyer Range

Baked Dishes

Some dishes are over-safe, but not all. Hence when opting for a baked dish, be wise in your choices. Baked dishes are generally prepared in oven-safe cookware or bakeware. PotsandPans has an amazing range of bakeware in various types and sizes. Meyer Bakemaster, which has q premium non-stick surface for the smoothest results and even cooking, should be your go-to bakeware if you want to create some baked marvels.

Paving the way for safety standards

As the brand celebrates six years, it's worth noting that PotsandPans has reshaped India's cookware by introducing an extensive range of kitchen essentials and keeping customer safety as a top priority.

At the helm of the brand is its aim of consistently delivering safe and natural cookware solutions, setting new standards for quality, health, and innovation in the market. Over the years the brand has reinvented its pots and pans to suit new-age customers while keeping a close eye on their quality standards. As individuals shift their focus to healthier lifestyles and products that are not carcinogenic, PotsandPans has also pivoted to cater to the changing preferences of Indian consumers, who are now seeking natural and safe cookware options. The brand's cookware is meticulously crafted from natural materials, ensuring they are free from harmful chemical coatings. Notably, their non-stick range has garnered global acclaim, earning the prestigious Red Dot Award for outstanding product design. All our products are toxin-free, premium, durable and just perfect for every kitchen and every meal, aptly concluded Saumya.

Another cookware material that has been gaining popularity is the use of ceramics and Saumya attributes the rise to its non-toxic nature, heat distribution, and non-stick properties. "It has emerged as an excellent choice for those who prioritize safety and ease of use in the kitchen. We have a wonderful ceramic cookware range, Anzen, that looks classic and fits the cooking needs of modern and health-conscious consumers."

How to maintain PotsandPans cookware

Wear and tear is part of life, but a little extra care goes a long way. Each of the utensils available at PotsandPans has a specific care guide to increase the shelf life. "Although certain cookware can be cleaned in the dishwasher, it's best to hand wash your pans to ensure their longevity. Use a gentle sponge or towel dipped in warm soapy water to wipe them down and ensure to dry them completely after cleaning," believes Saumya.

Another useful kitchen tip shared by her is the use of pan covers or soft towels to prevent scratching and chipping while stacking cookware. "If you have the room for it, utilise pan racks or hooks to store your cookware," she adds. "For seasoning cast iron cookware, such as skillets and Dutch ovens, keep the surface of the cookware in good shape and ensure to keep it away from rust. Season the pan by coating it with oil and then placing it in a hot oven. Combing to non-stick, stainless steel, or enamel cookware, scrubbing the, with an abrasive scrubber or strong cleaning solutions can harm the surfaces. Use mild dish soap and soft sponges instead."

To conclude she says a well-equipped home kitchen should have an assortment of cookware and equipment to cater to the different cooking requirements. If you're setting up a new kitchen or looking to give your kitchenware an upgrade ensure to have a tawa, cookware sets with lids in various sizes, a high-quality chef's knife, saucepan, skillet or kadai, casserole and a range of spatulas and tongs.

Looking ahead, PotsandPans has ambitious plans to maintain its competitive edge. Additionally, the brand plans to expand its product range to include essential kitchen gadgets such as choppers and knives, addressing the evolving demands of discerning customers.


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