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Summer Athleisure Staples Your Wardrobe Needs Right Now

Welcoming UNIQLO X FUTURA2000's latest drop!

The first step to leading a healthier lifestyle is physical activity - be it working out in the comfort of your home, doing yoga to begin the day or even just going for a scenic walk amidst nature. From being the ultimate stress buster to helping with your immunity, exercising daily is a sure shot way to release happy hormones and a feel good factor. No matter what form of exercise you enjoy, adding physical activity is essential especially given the current scenario. Yes, we feel you when you say you’re just LAZY, but one way to fight the lethargy is to slip into workout clothes. Not only will that work as an instant mood uplifter but will also give you the much-needed boost of energy.

To do away with all your workout woes, as you say hello to UNIQLO’s latest drop in collaboration with graffiti artist FUTURA2000's, who took the 1980's art scene by storm -- and are is the pioneers of the abstract approach to graffiti . The exclusive activewear collection features the artist’s famous ‘atomic icons’ on key UNIQLO Summer Sport Utility Wear items, such as the Men’s DRY-EX T-Shirt, Men’s DRY-EX Shorts, Women’s AIRism UV. Breathable, chic and available in versatile hues, these will soon become your BFFs for the summer. With pocket-friendly prices starting from INR 1,290 - INR 1,990 it’s time to look your fashionable best.

"For me, the most exciting aspect of working with Uniqlo is their global accessibility, and affordable price points. In addition, as our relationship has grown, this recent collection will feature, and introduces, my first collection of women’s apparel," says FUTURA2000.

We assure you slipping into these uber comfortable and stylish pieces will make you want to burn off those extra calories. Bonus? Not only can they be worn to the gym but these creations perfectly describe the true meaning of athleisure — going beyond the idea of being just gym wear. If that just got you hooked on, so scroll on to browse through the standout pieces.

Available online and in store now. Shop your favourite pieces on


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