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Shivan & Narresh Complete 10 Glorious Years In The Fashion Industry

Bringing the concept of resort wear to India, the designer Shivan & Narresh known for their impeccable resort wear completed a decade in the India Fashion Industry. Over the past decade, the two young minds introduced their signature prints and signature gold motif embellishments that easily characterize any ensemble from their collection. Contemporary draped saris that are the top trend in Indian wear for the season, have been a favourite for the duo, as was the bikini sari that gained prominence in the Indian market seamlessly.

Shivan and Narresh established their label in 2010, today the brand is India's first luxury holiday brand. In honour of their 10th anniversary, the brand announced the celebration of its 10 Year Anniversary with the #Wilding20s Phydigital Show.

With creativity and a new destination being the source of inspiration for all their new prints, this collection was no different. The collection is designed for the modern millennial and the gen Z traveller. Set amidst the rocky lakes of the legendary Aravallis, the collection show is inspired by abiogenesis, the series illustrates the beauty of the human, plant and animal anatomy into five distinct holiday lifestyles, namely Swimwear (snail), Resort Wear (peacock), Cruise Wear (dolphin), Safari (elephant) and Ski Wear (reindeer). The collection is characterized by 5 new prints Gardenia, Oriri, Nebulous, Dame, and Camo Heart,

The Nebulous and Oriri prints explore the play of cells and veins in the human body, for Resort Wear and Cruise Wear Camo Heart, the first aprés ski print for the brand, is inspired by the play of animal bodies camouflaging with their ecosystem. Dame - an art-inspired Renaissance print exemplary for a Safari experience, and Gardenia focuses on swimwear lifestyle. 

Narresh Kukreja, Creative Director, SHIVAN & NARRESH, shares his thoughts on the ideology and inspiration behind the new collection - “2020 has been a tough year for all and has made us introspect. There is a huge sentiment of escape in peoplefrom isolation, from confinement, from rules, and therein lies the euphoria of breaking old patterns of life. This mindful madness is what will define #Wilding20s of this century. It will be remembered with kindness, enlightenment, benevolence and will set patterns and movements for decades to follow; a life that marks continuity, and progresses in a sustainable manner.”  

Shivan and Narresh established their label in 2010, today the brand is India's first luxury holiday brand. In honour of their 10th anniversary, the bran aign universe, ‘wild’ refers to going back and connecting to nature.  #Wilding20s has been envisioned to look inwards and celebrate the synergy of animalia and plantae kingdoms in their most natural dignity, illustrated through 5 prints, 55 styles. Fulfilling our promise to be a holistic luxury holiday lifestyle brand, the series is a first as it encapsulates five lifestyles within one collection as a mark of completing 10 years.”


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