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Makeup Beyond Borders, Laura Mercier's Global Vision for India

As a beauty journalist and a devoted follower of beauty trends, it's quite expected that I hold an admiration for Laura Mercier products. Specifically, the translucent powder is a must-have in my beauty routine. In a splendid event held in Mumbai, Laura Mercier, the popular beauty brand officially entered the lively Indian market. Known for its strong dedication to quality, the brand has made its mark in the bustling city, welcoming all makeup enthusiasts with open arms.

The opening of Laura Mercier's flagship store at Phoenix Palladium, Mumbai, signifies more than just the arrival of another beauty brand; it represents a fusion of timeless elegance and commitment to quality. Laura Mercier's philosophy, what makes you unique, makes you beautiful, resonates deeply with the diverse and dynamic population of Mumbai, promising an inclusive approach to beauty that celebrates individuality.

Laura Mercier's signature Flawless Face technique, championed by makeup enthusiasts globally, emphasizes a less is more approach, encouraging self-acceptance and moving away from heavy coverage. This ethos aligns perfectly with the evolving preferences of Indian consumers, who seek products that enhance their natural features rather than mask them.

Laura Mercier's innovative products, including the iconic Primer, Foundation, Conceal and Camouflage palette, and Translucent Loose Setting Powder, embody the brand's commitment to achieving flawless yet natural-looking results. With its arrival in India, Laura Mercier promises to redefine beauty standards and empower individuals to express their unique selves through makeup.

In an exclusive interview with The Style List, Marco Ficarelli, the driving force behind Laura Mercier's global expansion outlined the brand's vision for the Indian market. He revealed, "What we are doing first is to develop the market in a multi-channel format. This is something that we started in 2023 in Asia, opening boutiques, implementing open selling, and expanding into the online channel." Emphasizing the brand's commitment to maintaining high standards, Marco added, "The quality of the material and the execution is extremely high in the proposition. We believe in the importance of the Indian market and the sophistication of the Indian consumer. We want to provide them the right product, ensuring they don't feel compromised." Acknowledging the diverse vibes of the Indian market, Marco pointed out how the brand is going all out to make sure their products match the unique tastes of Indian women. They are adding shades that are a perfect match for Indian skin tones, creating a lineup that's not just complete but also super inclusive.

The Star Products

Laura Mercier has some amazing products in India, and a couple of them are getting lots of love worldwide. Marco spoke about their bestsellers, like the iconic Translucent Loose Setting Powder that's a fan favourite. He's pretty sure it's going to be a hit in India. Also, their tinted moisturizer is one of the most loved products worldwide. One notable mention was the recent launch of the Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting foundation that went viral globally, selling out in a matter of hours. Aside from these, Marco recommended the Caviar stick, a versatile product that serves multiple purposes with just one application. He pointed out how handy it is for busy women, saying it works for different occasions without needing lots of different products.

Essence of Laura Mercier

Marco shared insights into the brand's unique connection with its founder, Laura Mercier herself. Despite being owned by Orveon, Laura Mercier remains actively involved in the brand's global development. Marco expressed, "Laura is constantly in touch with our worldwide marketing team, sharing advice and suggestions. Her artistic touch plays a big role in shaping the brand's identity and where it's headed."

The Excitement of Launch

As Laura Mercier takes its first steps into the Indian market, Marco expresses his excitement, stating, "It is very exciting—the first time that I see it will be even though there have been different owners. This launch is a big step forward, expanding not just in places but also in the types of products we offer"

Laura Mercier coming to India isn't just about growing a business; it's carrying on a legacy. It all started with a woman wanting everyone to feel confident expressing themselves. Laura Mercier's all about looking naturally flawless, and they're here to shake up how we see beauty.


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