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Dr. Geetika Has You Covered For All Your Beauty Woes This Holi!

It's a day before Holi, and the hustle bustle of zeroing down on your Holi plans is at its peak. The festival of colours is one of the most fun festivals in India. Friends, holi parties. gujjia and lots of joy. What's not to love? But it comes with a price... a day spent in the sun, with holi colour on your skin and hair, takes a toll on your beauty regime. While you may have figured out where you're going to be this Holi, have you thought about how you're going to give your skin and hair that extra protection from all the harsh chemicals?

Whether you love holi or loathe it, figuring out the best beauty regime for your skin on Holi is always a top priority. We spoke to dermatologist, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, Founder of Isaac Luxe, on how to win against the harsh chemical this year. She weighs in on some hair and skin care tips to follow this Holi. So, here are a few beauty tips to help you look great post your holi shenanigans.

Beauty Tip 1

"Apply lots of moisturiser on your face and body so that there is a barrier from those harsh chemicals as well as to wash the colour off easily."

Beauty Tip 2

"You can also apply coconut oil on your body which will act as a barrier on your skin and not let any colour to sit on the skin."

Beauty Tip 3

"Use a broad spectrum sunscreen before stepping outdoors. Make sure it's a minimum SPF 30 and the formula is both water and sweat resistant."

Beauty Tip 4

"Apply a layer of petroleum jelly behind your ears, neck and lips--this will reduce the number of hours you’ll spend cleaning up after Holi."

Beauty Tip 5

"Wear full-sleeved clothes made of breathable fabrics help to protect from the damage."

Beauty Tip 6

"As for your hair, apply some coconut oil to avoid getting colour deposited on the roots and hair shaft."

Beauty Tip 7

"A lot of people complain about getting colours in their eyes that usually causes eye irritation. Try to wear sunglasses and keep lubricating eye drops handy."

Stay safe and don't forget to enjoy the festival of colours! Happy Holi!


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