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Take Extra Care of Your Skin and Hair This Holi

Industry experts weigh on pre and post-holi precautionary measures for your skin and hair.

The festival of colours is all about having fun. From celebrating with friends and family to bingeing on delicious gujia and wearing the colour white -- only to get drenched in vibrant colours -- the zest and zeal that the festival brings with it is unimaginable.

But the aftermath of Holi is not always desirable. Think breakouts, irritated skin, dry and brittle hair; that's never a pleasant feeling. But why compromise on the fun, when you can take a few damage control tips? So as we gear up for Holi we caught up with leading experts in the industry to share a few tips on pre and post-Holi skincare and haircare do's and don'ts. And of course, using organic colours is no-brainer!

Pre-Holi Skincare

The prep for holi should ideally start a week in advance recommends Dr Surabhi Sharma, Kaya, Bandra, "start adequately moisturising your skin 1 week prior to holi -- especially for people with dry/sensitive skin -- and stop using physical exfoliation like scrubs, retinols , AHA and BHA at least 3 - 5 days before the festival."

But on the day of holi, there are a few dos and don'ts. The first and foremost tip shared by Dr Nidhi Singh Tandon, Dermatologist and founder, of The Skin Art Cart Clinic is to use sunscreen. While this may sound obvious, we often forget to put on sunscreen as we lather ourselves in oil and lotions. Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin, Co-founders of Arata, further give a nod to the statement, "We cannot stress on this enough – Holi or not, your sunscreen is your best bud." And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to protect that pout - Arata’s Summer Citrus Lip Balm - a skincare MVP that you must throw into your bag.

Pro Tip - "Apply a thick moisturiser and layer it up with good sunscreen preferably SPF 50 which is water-resistant." - Dr Surabhi Sharma, Kaya, Bandra

Another important piece of advice by Dr. Tandon is to "avoid any parlour activities like bleaching or waxing and laser treatment 1 week before and after Holi." And of course, she also believes that vaseline or petroleum jelly is your best friend if you want to prevent colour from seeping into your nails. "Keep your nails short and trimmed as it will not let the colours settle," adds Dr. Sharma.

Dr Surabhi Sharma, from Kaya, Bandra reminds us to take care of body skin -- because we often forget it's the largest organ in the human body. "Apply a generous amount of moisturiser, coconut oil application, and opt for loose, full sleeves clothes and pants and dark colours."

Post-Holi Skincare

It's common to find your skin breaking out into rashes post holi, given the chemical added to some holi colours. So what should one do in such cases? "In such case, one must wash with ample amount of water, put a calming lotion like calamine and take an anti-allergic, if it doesn’t settle one must consult a dermatologist," says Dr. Nidhi.

Celebrity make-up artist and Founder of Simply Nam, Namrata Soni believes in indulging in some extra skincare TLC post the festival of colours. From looking after your lips to thoroughly cleansing and removing the colour and finally relaxing after the tiresome okay with a sheet mask. Here is what Namrata Soni swears by. Begin with the Makeup Removing and Cleansing Towel, an ideal pick- your perfect Holi accessory to help you remove those stains off your face with just some warm water and a swipe. Look after your lips with The Awakening Lip Mask and Softening Lip Scrub, which helps your lips get rid of the settled debris and exfoliate them after long hours of celebration and finally, the Biocellulose 3 layer sheet mask which is a post-Holi skin treat to infuse skin with lost hydration and add more smoothness to it. Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin, also are of the opinion that using a gentle exfoliator post-Holi will scrub away the colour, dirt and grime. However, Dr Sharma's advice is, "avoid extensive scrubbing with harsh soaps and face washes which can end up damaging your skin. Use gentle cleansers, oil-based cleansers to get rid of holi colours."

Pre-Holi Haircare

It's not just your skin that bears the brunt of holi, but so do your luscious tresses. Yes, unleashing and enjoying yourself is the essence of the festival but not at the cost of your crowning glory. Holi can be very damaging for your hair, given the quality of colour, the rough play that it calls for. We caught up with some industry experts to shares a few precautionary measures to keep your tresses in check!

Many people make the mistake of leaving their hair open, and this is the first thing Maleeha Jafferbhoy Style director at Jean-Claude Biguine Salons India warns us against, "Opt for a tied up hairstyle - tie your hair in a bun or a ponytail or a tight braid. Add extra protection by covering it up with a bandana/scarf, to minimise contact with colour." Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin, recommend Arata's Hempocado Oil, a cold-pressed, vegan recipe designed to soothe, nurture, and hydrate your scalp. And if you have curly tresses, the Advanced Curl Care Hair Oil works as a protective barrier against harmful colours. And if you wish to go the extra mile, use a deep conditioning hair mask to prepare your hair before Holi. "I would vouch for Moroccan oil, but really any oil will do the trick," says Maleeha. Lastly, try not to shampoo a day before or on the morning of Holi.

Post Holi Haircare

So now that you're done with the festivities, now comes the time to clean up! Your hair has been through a wringer at Holi, and it's only natural that it needs extra and gentle care.

Ms. Jafferbhoy recommends starting out by brushing your hair gently to remove the excess colour. "Use a mild cleaning shampoo to take out the synthetic colour. Follow up with the K18 mask - a scientific solution that helps to restore damage from synthetic colours and as well as UV rays."

But who says you can't get up, get dressed and head out? Indulge in some

hairstyling products, take a trip to the salon for a hair spa to add moisture back into your hair or go for that long over-due haircut! "If you need a haircut, post holi is a great time. Get rid of the split ends that have gotten worse (dry damaged ) with the holi colours. Even if even you don't need a hair cut a slight trim post holi will help," adds Maleeha.

While we suggest you keep all these tips in mind, don't miss out on the fun and frolic that comes along with the festival!


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