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Luxury Brands & Their Country Of Origin

Luxury brands are aspirational, and we all have an endless wish list of luxury items we want to get our hands on. From Milan to New York and Paris, the fashion capitals around the world are known for their prestigious fashion labels. But have you ever paused for a moment to think about their country and city of origin? What really is the story behind every brand? If you call yourself a fashion enthusiast, then it's time to test your knowledge.

Today we have a plethora of labels available to us in just one click, but brands aren't built over night. Their design aesthetic and legacy is built over years. Let's go back in time and trace the city of origin of some of the most popular luxury brands across the globe.

Chanel - Paris, France

When it comes to luxury fashion, nothing spells out the term better the Chanel. With her little black dress, tweed suits and timeless designs, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, started out the brand with hat making in 1910's. It was only in 1920 that she started creating the iconic Chanel suit. Being one of the most prestigious fashion brands today, the designs are effortless, chic and synonymous with the term couture.

Prada - Milan, Italy

The first Prada store opened in 1913 in Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II in Milan, Italy that primarily sold bags, trunks, steamers and travel accessories. In the mid-1970s, Miuccia Prada, joined the family business and continued the tradition of producing high-quality bags and luggage for the family business. It was in 1979 that the first line of Prada footwear was released and only in the late 1980's did Prada introduce a womenswear line. Prada continues to remain one of the most iconic fashion brand with its cutting-edge style and statement handbags.

Louis Vuitton - Paris, France

In 1837, Vuitton began his luggage empire. Vuitton’s wanderlust remains integral to the brand today. Travel is an essential part of the brand even today. The LV Neverfull is a wardrobe MVP, and the Louis Vuitton's obsession with monogram has made it one of the biggest trends today. Even today, traveling with Louis Vuitton pieces is the ultimate symbol of sophistication and luxury.

Fendi - Rome, Italy

Founded in 1925, Fendi is known for its baguette bag. Adding to the empire and legacy of the brand is Palazzo Fendi. Bringing to the forefront, Fendi's creativity in architecture and interiors.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Florence, Italy

Originally founded in 1927, Salvatore was famous as a shoemaker. The design house today is now one of the world's leading designers, producers and distributors of luxury shoes, leather goods, accessories, fragrances and apparel for men and women.

Hugo Boss - Metzingen, Germany

Hugo Boss founded his own clothing company in 1923 in Metzingen, Germany. In 1924, the company produced shirts, jackets, work clothing, sportswear and raincoats. Known for its classic business outfits, BOSS also offers casual styles and athleisurewear. With the HUGO brand, trendsetters and style individualists can make confident statements with cool and progressive looks.

Hermes - Paris, France

Owning a Berkin or a Kelly is every woman fantasy. Hermes started was started by Thierry Hermès in 1837 as a harness workshop in Paris. Originally, the brand served the needs of European noblemen by providing saddles, bridles and other leather riding gear. Hence, the company’s is symbolised with the iconic duc-carriage-with-horse logo and signature orange boxes. Today, it's one of the worlds most valuable and ultra premium brand.

Gucci - Florence, Italy

Gucci is an Italian fashion label founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, making it one of the oldest Italian fashion brands. The label started out as a a luggage manufacturer, producing luxury travel goods for Italy's wealthy upper-classes, as well as equestrian equipment. Today the brand is associated with its electric designs and premium quality.

Micheal Kors - New York, United States

Established in 1981 by American sportswear fashion designerMichael Kors, the company opened its first retail stores in 2006. Michael Kors is known for designing Michelle Obama's dress for her first official portrait.

Christian Dior - Paris, France

The house was founded in 1924 known for the iconic New Look. Haute couture has always been the backbone of the label. Elegance and femininity is a reoccurring theme in every creation.

Balmain - Paris, France

Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain founded Balmain in 1945. Known for sophistication and elegance, he described the art of dressmaking as "the architecture of movement."

Balenciaga - Guetaria, Spain

Cristóbal Balenciaga opened his first boutique in Spain, in 1917. It was the Spanish royal family and the aristocracy who wore his designs, but when the Spanish Civil War forced him to close his stores, Balenciaga moved to Paris. Balenciaga is most known for revolutionizing women's fashion with never-before-seen silhouettes in the mid-20th century. Think semi fit silhouettes, the “ballroom hems” of the early 1950s, the “semi-fit” lines of the mid-50s

Yves Saint Laurent - Paris, France

The eponymous brand was founded in 1961. In 1966 the brand changed the name to Saint Laurent Paris. Originally a Haute Couture House, Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized modern fashion in 1966 with the introduction of luxury ready-to-wear under the name Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Also, Kknown for their fragrances for men and women and cosmetic line, the brand gained popularity.

Burberry - Basingstoke, England

The company was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry who was a draper. Burberyyr was known as a retailer of outdoor clothing. Identified withit's camel, black, red and white check, it was only last year that Burberry changed its vidual appearance with a new monogram print.

Armani - Milan, Italy

Nothing beats a well fitted Armani suit. Known for sharp tailoring and structure, Armani was founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani. Today Gorgio Armani is one of fashions most influential and celebrated fashion designer from Italy.

Max Mara - Reggio Emilia, Italy

Max Mara is a name known across the world, synonymous with luxury, style and quality. But it all began with one man and his pioneering vision of accessible fashion.

Inspired by a passion for tailoring, Achille Maramotti founded Max Mara in 1951 in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia. He began with a line of high-end coats which were inspired by French haute couture but made using cutting-edge industrial tailoring techniques. His creations gained immediate and immense recognition within a few years. Today the brand is known for its style, cuts and immense colours.

Ralph Lauren - New York, United States

Ralph Lauren started in 1967 with men's ties. With an interest in sports he started his first menswear line of POLO in 1968. Today the brand is synonymous mens wear fashion.

Marc Jacobs - New York, United States

Moschino - Milano, Italy

Valentino - Rome, Italy

Bottega Veneta - Vicenza, Italy

Dolce & Gabbana - Legnano, Italy

Surprised by a few? Cause we definitely were too!


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