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Latest Luxury News Updates

Cover Photo: Louis Vuitton Women's Leather Good Campaign 2024

Step into the world of luxury where excitement knows no bounds! Acqua di Parma has set foot in Delhi with its first-ever store, bringing its iconic fragrances to the heart of India's capital. Meanwhile, fashion enthusiasts are counting down the days until the highly anticipated Victoria Beckham x Mango collaboration drops on April 23, promising a fusion of classic British luxury and contemporary style. And for those seeking a taste of luxury in Dubai, Kate Spade New York has made its café debut at Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall, offering a chic spot to indulge in style.

In the realm of real estate, Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina is reaching for the sky, aiming to claim the title of the world’s tallest residential tower by 2028. For a truly revolutionary shopping experience, Galeries Lafayette introduces The New Cool, embracing reinvention and circularity in a cutting-edge retail concept. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest luxury new from all around the world.

Jaipur Rugs unveils three new collections at Salone Del Mobile

The spectrum of design concepts and techniques unfolds through various collaborations at Salone del Mobile Milano 2024. Jaipur Rugs has unveiled its latest collection showcasing an exquisite fusion of Indian artisanship and Italian design excellence. In celebration of the Indo-Italian connection, Jaipur Rugs presents three pioneering collaborations with esteemed Italian design studios, each embodying a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sensibilities.

Firstly, the Couture Collection, a collaboration with VIMAR 1991, Chanel's esteemed yarn atelier, pioneers couture carpets. Featuring a monochrome palette and intricate patterns reminiscent of haute couture fashion, these carpets exude timeless elegance, making them versatile additions to any space.

Next, Façade emerges from a partnership with AMDL Circle by Michele De Lucchi, where traditional carpet construction meets contemporary kilims. These experimental tapestries blur boundaries between flooring, wall coverings, and room dividers, reflecting Michele De Lucchi's illustrious career and craftsmanship.

Lastly, the ZIG ZAG Collection, a collaboration with DAAA Haus, symbolizes the fusion of Mumbai and Milan through abstract black and white rugs. Highlighting Jaipur Rugs' commitment to excellence, these rugs showcase intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail while bridging vibrant cultural landscapes.

Luxury Italian Salon LUCA PIATTELLI opens at Safdarjung New Delhi

The Italian luxury salon brand, LUCA PIATTELLI, has just made its grand entrance at Safdarjung, New Delhi. Reflecting on the venture into India, Luca Piattelli couldn't contain his excitement, stating, "As we embark on this exciting journey in India, we are filled with gratitude and enthusiasm. We look forward to forging new connections, creating unforgettable experiences, and contributing to the beautiful landscape of this vibrant nation. Here's to a promising beginning and a future filled with greatness."

The luxury salon doesn't just offer typical services; it goes beyond with a comprehensive range of hair and beauty treatments. It also houses an academy dedicated to nurturing aspiring talent in the industry. LUCA PIATTELLI distinguishes itself with unique amenities like an in-house café, personalized pick-up and drop services in a Mercedes Maybach within a 7km radius, and a team of senior Italian hairstylists known for their expertise and creativity

Acqua di Parma opens its first store in Delhi

Acqua di Parma, the epitome of Italian elegance and luxury, is proud to announce its grand entry into the vibrant Indian market. With a rich legacy spanning over a century, Acqua di Parma has captivated connoisseurs worldwide with its timeless fragrances and unparalleled craftsmanship. Now, the brand brings this legacy to the heart of India, introducing a new chapter of sophistication and refinement at The Chanakya, New Delhi. As you step into the new store, prepare to be captivated by a sensorial experience unlike any other.

Acqua di Parma celebrates the inauguration of its inaugural boutique at The Chanakya in New Delhi, marking a significant milestone. Nestled in the Diplomatic Enclave at the heart of Lutyens' Delhi, The Chanakya epitomizes opulence, seamlessly blending luxury fashion, fine dining, and entertainment. Spanning 190 square feet, the boutique unveils an unprecedented concept for Acqua di Parma, harmonizing Italian and Indian influences in its modern and sophisticated design. Cream hues accented with bursts of yellow and gold create an inviting ambiance. Italian-inspired mosaic and parquet patterns adorn the floor, while a bespoke yellow counter, inspired by high-end lacquer techniques, adds a touch of elegance. A dedicated table allows patrons to explore fragrances and candles, while Acqua di Parma's signature concrete tiles underscore the brand's identity.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Acqua di Parma as you explore the exquisite range of fragrances, and luxurious grooming products, each meticulously crafted to elevate your everyday rituals into moments of pure indulgence. With its foray into India, the brand seeks to celebrate this synergy, forging lasting connections with those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Gucci introduced new luxury watches

Luxury news is brimming with excitement after Watches and Wonder 2024, and Gucci is further adding to the allure. In 2024, Gucci High Watchmaking achieves a groundbreaking milestone with the unveiling of the exclusive Gucci-signed minute repeater, a pinnacle of watchmaking complexity. This timepiece, a symphony of sound inspired by cymatics, marks a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and human ingenuity. Alongside this achievement, Gucci introduces a masterpiece combining two iconic complications, showcasing the brand's commitment to innovation and precision. The GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater joins a lineage of horological triumphs, representing the pinnacle of Gucci's watchmaking prowess. Crafted with meticulous detail, its movement features three hammers producing harmonious tones, activated by a rotating bezel for added flair. The collection also welcomes the GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon and the Gucci Interlocking, each pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. With the G-Timeless Planetarium, Gucci presents a captivating spectacle of rotating precious stones encircling a central tourbillon, epitomizing the brand's commitment to artistry and innovation.

Victoria Beckham x Mango are unveiling a new collection

Victoria Beckham and Mango are joining forces for a collection that embodies classic British luxury, just in time for Mango’s 40th anniversary. Expect a fusion of clean lines, luxurious fabrics, and impeccable tailoring, reflecting Beckham's refined aesthetic. The collection will feature versatile garments perfect for both day and evening wear, effortlessly transitioning from the office to social gatherings with ease. From tailored blazers and chic trousers to sleek dresses and statement accessories, each piece is designed to empower and inspire confidence. Embracing a neutral colour palette with pops of vibrant hues, the collection offers something for every style preference. Whether you're seeking polished separates for a professional look or standout pieces for special occasions, the Victoria Beckham x Mango collaboration is sure to elevate your wardrobe with its timeless allure and contemporary edge.

Launching on 23, April!

Kate Spade New York has made its café debut at Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall

A new Kate Spade café pop-up is now open at Bloomingdales in the Dubai Mall. Kate Spade New York has just unveiled its very first global café concept at Bloomingdale’s in Dubai Mall. Open till June 30, the café design features Kate Spade brand codes of green with pops of vivid reds and pinks alongside graphic black and cream stripes and polka-dots. At the Kate Spade café in Dubai, even the desserts are decadent. Each one is designed with the brand’s logo and comes in colours that reflect the interior design. Look out for the cupcakes with green icing, and coffee served in monochrome cups. The menu includes a Cappuccino, Cortado and Flat White. Plus, the signature drink includes the Kate Spade Special Matcha, which is a matcha latte with crushed Oreo. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Kate Spade, where every detail reflects the brand’s iconic style and flair.

Galeries Lafayette has introduced The New Cool

We bring you the latest scoop, the famous Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette Paris presents The New Cool, a groundbreaking initiative shaping the future of fashion through sustainability and circularity. From April 19 to June 23, 2024, the store is offering its customers a unique shopping experience focused on reinvention and circularity. Karine Viel, Director of Sustainable Development at Galeries Lafayette, highlights the importance of circularity. “Circularity is about restoring value – designing products with reuse in mind. At Galeries Lafayette, we believe that beautiful things should be taken care of, so they can be passed on and loved for longer.”

Under the mantra “Renew – Recycle – Repair – Resell”, Le Nouveau Cool embodies a new era of fashion. Throughout the event, attendees can anticipate a range of circularity-focused activities, including pop-ups offering personalized advice and repairs, the Cool Brigade providing tailored styling services, Refashion Workshops teaching repair techniques, the (RE)STORE showcasing vintage pieces, and insightful Talks addressing sustainable fashion Let's lead the charge towards a greener fashion industry together!

Rimowa Opens a new store at Jio World Plaza, Mumbai

Making it to this week's luxury headline, Rimowa, a leading brand in luxury luggage, has opened its first store in India at Jio World Plaza. The store showcases some of the brand's best-selling products along with their new collection of suitcases that are inspired by the reinvigorating power of the sea, featuring a lively shade of blue. The German Maison's collection also features a range of dual-organisation interiors, with a fully zipped compartment to contain all your items during transport and a RIMOWA’s adjustable Flex Divider on the other side. To offer travellers a coordinated travel experience, a series of accessories are also available in Sea Blue, including RIMOWA’s Toiletry Pouch and Packing Cubes.

Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina aims to be the world’s tallest residential tower by 2028

In 2028, Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina will soar to become the tallest residential tower globally, boasting stunning views of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Harbor Beachfront, Emirates Golf Course, Dubai Marina, Blue Waters, and Ain Dubai. This architectural wonder aims to redefine wellness real estate in Dubai, elevating living standards to new heights. With its holistic approach to healthy living, the 122-story building integrates wellness-focused amenities seamlessly, shifting the concept of health from gym routines to everyday life. Featuring 251 residences ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms, including penthouses and sky mansions, it caters to Dubai's wellness-conscious community. Engineered for sustainability and happiness, residences offer bespoke features like Sleep With Six Senses amenities and wellness wardrobes. The development also boasts a suite of amenities spanning 61,250 sq. ft., including a cutting-edge longevity centre, gym, spa, and a sky-high lap pool.


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