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JJ Valaya's Bridge-to-Luxury Line, JJV Kapurthala Comes To The Dhan Mill

Known as the king of Chevron, JJ Valaya needs no introduction. A designer who is known for his unapologetic love for timeless fashion has allured us with extravagant Indian couture. Recently, design maestro JJ Valaya has added another feather to his cap - JJV Kapurthala. He received immense appreciation after the debut of the collection at the Spring Summer 2024 Lakmē Fashion Week X FDCI in Mumbai and soon after announced the opening of the first-ever standalone store nestled in Delhi's The Dhan Mill.

Welcomed with a chevron print carpet, we made our way to the newly opened store at The Dhan Mill. JJ Valaya’s magnanimity is carried forward within the store which has accents of chevron and a modern appeal. The walls at JJV Kapurthala are adorned with traditional Indian handicrafts while the store is divided into three parts with artistically created wooden divisions. You are welcomed with a range of accessories opulent displayed on shelves on either side and in the middle lies a glass cabinet which houses pocket squares, jewellery and cufflinks. As you walk further, you stumbled upon the womenswear section. On either side the outfits are displayed making it easy to browse through the collection and in the centre under a sculptural chandelier is a seating area with a coffee table for the clients. The last section is the menswear section. Transitioning from tones of white to dark hues, the walls are adorned with paintings in black and white, while chevron print curtains can be found on either side of the cashier adding to the royal allure. In between lies a rectangular black and rust seating area. The store is divided into three sections and is a testimony to Valaya’s anti-trend and timeless fashion ethos.

A stark contrast to the intricately crafted, handworked lehenga, the  JJV Kapurthala line is affordable, wearable and priced between ₹15,000 - ₹50,000. JJV Kapurthala makes it possible to don the designer even when you’re not participating in a nuptial ceremony. With the introduction of the new line, individuals can experience simplicity and restraint in JJV and opulence, glamour and grandeur at JJ Valaya. Valaya elucidates on the challenge of creating this line, stating, “That’s where the excitement lies and it was a challenge I graciously accepted!“After 34 years of doing couture.....a field in which I excel paying with embroideries, colours, prints, and fabrics, it was a challenge to bring the same ethos into a simpler line which can be worn by many more and is much more affordable.” 

With a focus on the signature aesthetic chevrons and fauna prints, the silhouettes are easy, breezy, and timeless with hints of embroidery adorning the creations. Housed within the  JJV Kapurthala are accessories ranging from bags to jewellery and belts to womenswear featuring kaftans, printed lehengas and bustiers, cropped jackets and contemporary silhouettes; and menswear from bandhgalas to kurta and chevron printed pants. With a focus on signature chevrons and fauna prints, the collection embodies simplicity and restraint in JJV while retaining the opulence and grandeur synonymous with JJ Valaya. "Credible fashion is all about detailing and we painstakingly take care that it all looks great” aptly stated Valaya – a core philosophy of the designer.

When asked about the seamless pairing of prints and embroidery Valaya pointed towards prints two perennial prints in the collection, chevron – a print people associate the brand with the most – and the other is series fauna which is our tribute to the wildlife and the beauty of nature’s creations. The seamless integration of prints and embroidery adds a distinctive charm to the creations, "Our prints are becoming more and more accepted and we develop them season after season. But, we are known for our embroideries so we add a sprinkling of embroidery to make it look special.” Thus the coming together of prints and embroidery breathes a fresh perspective into the designer's signature creations. Think of an embellished bustier, embroidery cuffs, or dainty adornments on fauna print lehenga. Yet another eye-catching element was the chevron print tote bags, cufflinks and earrings.

It wouldn't then be incorrect to say that the brand may have a logo, but the real logo for JJ Valaya remains chevron. “We are a timeless brand, I believe in endurance, I don’t believe in fast fashion. I don’t believe in trends, I believe in timelessness because I feel that is mandatory to be able to create something that endures, that is what true luxury is all about. I will continue creating something true to my heart and my soul and something they can enjoy wearing. ”

When asked about how the brand pivots towards a younger audience the designer captured the essence by saying, "Today most of the world is on a younger drift, and mother and daughters share clothes. We don’t live in the same construct that the 40-plus will dress differently from the 20-plus. What I am doing is I’m putting them all together in one beautiful universe.” He further concludes by saying (with a smile on his face)"My most joyous moments are when the daughter of a bride who got married in our clothes 25 years back walks in with a daughter and her clothes because he daughter wants to tailor it to her size."

All in all, the store is a testimony to Valaya’s anti-trend and timeless fashion ethos. Discover the version of accessible luxury with intricate details, signature prints and an unparalleled language of modern elegance at JJV Kapurthala.


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