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Vol 4: The Style List Travel Special Magazine

Travel broadens your horizons, shapes your personality and further fuels your quest for knowledge. The Style List Travel Issue is dedicated to my unapologetic love for travel and explorations. Within these pages, you will find a diverse array of destinations and experiences to inspire your next adventure. From the vibrant fusion city of Baku, Azerbaijan, a love child of Europe and Asia, to the rich cultural heritage of Turkey's UNESCO sites, and the enchanting allure of Istanbul experienced through solo sojourns, our travel guide offers something for every explorer. 

Delve into the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, uncover hidden gems in the heart of the Big Apple, or immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the United States National Parks. For an insight into the travel industry, partake in the overarching debate surrounding Airbnb and luxury hotels and unveil a tapestry of wellness-related travel trends to recharge your life. We invite you to set sail in style aboard the luxury cruise liners that are increasingly capturing the imagination of travellers worldwide. 

Prepare for your travels with our comprehensive fashion packing glossary to stay in vogue on your vacation. Spritz on a vacation with our edit on sweet summer scents inspired by exotic destinations to get transported to your favourite city. And while the sun's warmth brings joy, safeguard your skin from harmful UV rays with our expertly chosen sunscreens, and add a pop of colour with a swipe of lipstick for an irresistible pout.  Indulge in the world of Goan luxury at The Westin Goa, where opulence meets tranquillity, and join us on a culinary odyssey spanning the globe. For those with a penchant for haute couture and culinary delights, don't miss our feature on new designer café openings around the world.

As we bid farewell to familiar shores and embrace the excitement of discovery, remember: the journey itself is the destination. Bon voyage!

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