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Keep Your Skincare Fresh For Longer With The House Of Beauty Beauty Fridge

Ever found yourself wondering how you can increase the longevity of your skincare? Or have you ever wished for a mini fridge in the comfort of your powder room to save you from traveling all the way to the kitchen? If you just said yes, your desire has been answered. House Of Beauty India, has launched the all new Beauty Fridge - an MVP for all skincare mavericks (and even for those who aren't).

But what is a beauty fridge and what all can you store in one? "A beauty fridge is an extra small mini fridge that’s designed specifically for your skincare products — think face masks, mists, cooling lotions, serums, moisturisers and stone face tools," says Vibhuti Arora, Founder, House of Beauty India. "With beauty growing passion and industry in India, the Indian consumer is now using and holding a variety of products and face tool. Not everyone can afford larger format machines or may not have the space, especially in single owner salons or small dermatologist clinics, that’s where this comes to use."

But keep in mind that skincare fridges are not only convenient to store your products but also make a lovely addition to any vanity display and beyond just the aesthetic. Combining functionality and convince a beauty fridge is Instagramable, desirable and also trendiest way to keep your skincare chilled. "They’re ideal for those who want to either extend the life of their skincare products, need that extra burst of freshness in the AM, or have puffy skin when they wake up," shares Vibhuti.

And while we all know that storing products at a lower temperature is ideal, what is the real reason behind it? Being a face yoga expert and a beauty maverick, Arora tells us the advantages,"Natural skincare products are typically free from preservatives, so they don’t last as long as their synthetic counterparts. You can ward off bacteria growth and keep natural products fresher for longer by storing them in the fridge. Chilled skincare products will always be more effective at depuffing than room temperature ones. Once products get exposed to air, they also get oxidised. Refrigerating slows down the oxidation process and keeps them from becoming inactive.Storing eye creams, serums, and masks in the fridge will boost their ability to reduce under-eye puffiness. Cold reduces inflammation – Chilling your moisturisers and masks means they’ll soothe the skin instantly when applied, acting like a cold compress to calm redness, swelling, and angry blemishes." But when it comes to the cold winter months, you can increase the temperature and use it as a towel warmer or an essential oil heater. It truly can't get better than this.

In today's day and age when life is so fast paced, the fridge is an investment that ensures a woman can slow down and enjoy her beauty regimen. This custom made 6 Litre fridge has a built in a mirror, and a ring light making it the perfect choice for your perfect selfie moment. Yes, you can have your one moment of fame. House of Beauty carries forward the overarching theme of being happy,"The fridge to any face tool helps the modern women invest in a routine where her mind is so occupied performing a certain task on herself that temporarily she forgets about the work. This releases happy hormones in her mind and body, giving her a feel good factor about herself; I strongly believe if you are happy you will keep everyone happy around you." The best part? The home charging cable and car charging cable make it travel friendly. So if an extended vacation is on the cards, compromising on your beauty rituals will be the last of your worries.

Convenient to fit in your washroom, travel and practical to use it will surely you a few rounds to the kitchen. Let mere onlookers be mesmerised as they step into your powder room next time! (*wink*)


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