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Anti-Pollution Beauty Products To Add To Your Skincare Routine

It's finally sweater weather, and what better than enjoying the bright winter sun? As the cooler months approach, there are multiple reasons to be excited. The festive season is closer, think Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years, but the best part of all is winter fashion. Who doesn't love experimenting with the art of layering, and stay snug in winterwear accompanied by a delicious cup of hot chocolate? However, just like everything in life, winter doesn't come without its flaws, and the high pollution levels in New Delhi is one of them.

When it comes to skincare, your summer and winter regimes should be different. During the summer months, skin gets oily, pores get clogged and exfoliating twice a week is essential, but in the winter it's all about keeping your skin well moisturised and fighting the dryness and dullness. It's no surprise that the pollutants in the air add to skin troubles making the skin look dull and flaky. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate should be your beauty moto for these cold months.

Dr Kiran Sethi shares a few tips and must-have beauty products to do away with the winter pollution woes. So say hello to flawless, glowing skin!

5 tips to achieve glowing skin in the polluted winter months by Dr. Kiran.

  • Double cleanse with a gentle scrub if u have a lot of pollution exposure

  • Use an antioxidant like vitamin c daily at least 1-2 times a day

  • Eat lots of antioxidants

  • Wear sunblock indoors and outdoors

  • Start anti-ageing products early to prevent the toxic effects of pollution on collagen

Dr Kiran's Anti-Pollution Beauty Recommendations:

1.Trivita C30

With 30% vitamin C with ferulic and vitamin E, this formula prevents oxidative damage from pollution, leaving you with healthy-looking skin.

2. Clinical pro heal serum

Formulated using vitamin c and zinc, this is the secret to flawless skin. The vitamin c present works as an antioxidant, and zinc prevent acne and irritation that can be caused due to the pollution buildup on the skin.

3. Clinical Poly Vitamin Serum

A highly polluted atmosphere means that the speed of the skins ageing process increases. This product helps in antiaging and collagen-boosting for radiant, younger-looking skin.

4. Crystal Tomato, Beyond Sun sunblock

Be it winter or summer sunblock in a skincare MVP! The pollution in the atmosphere weakens the protective ozone layer, making the sun stronger, hence the effect of the UV rays is more harmful UV. Sunblock works as a barrier to protect the skin from pigmentation and ageing caused by the UV rays. Given the current situation, working from home and being digitally connected 24/7 is a way of life, the blue light from the screens can also cause similar effects as the UV rays. Hence, wearing sunblock indoors is essential too.

5. Mediderma Brightening Cream

What's skincare with a brightening and moisturizing cream? This formula is enriched with glutathione a natural antioxidant to prevent oxidative damage leaving your skin with a healthy glow.


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