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7 Beauty Tools To Sculpt & Tone Your Face

The dream of that perfect jawline and flawless skin just got a step closer with beauty tools being the latest trend. Incorporating a face massage into your beauty routine is a fast-track to firmer and brighter skin. Now more than ever, beauty tools have become an essential part of your skincare regime. Moving beyond the basic cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, face yoga, gau shas, and jade rollers are a quintessential part of your beauty kits. Promising tighter, brighter skin while sculpting your face for the perfect jawline, these tools are worth investing in.

From aiding lymphatic drainage and reducing tension in your skin, to increase your skin's ability to soak up your skincare products, and soothing your skin from the daily stresses, the benefits are plenty. There's no denying that it can be challenging to know what tools to invest in considering the variety of options available in the market- should it be a jade roller, gau-sha, ice rollers, ice globes, or vibrational tools. So we have broken down the use of every product just for you. The use of a jade roller and gau-sha is an age-old technique of ancient Eastern medicine, used to cool skin, soothe overworked muscles and shift energy blockages in the body. Even today, Jade rollers and gau sha shift toxins and blockages, to make those long-lost cheekbones reappear, higher and sharper than ever. With advancements in technology, there has been an introduction of gold plated massagers to gold face masks to stimulate your skin. A tool with vibrational technology, aids absorption of all those serums and creams.

Here's our verdict on the best face tools for brighter and firmer skin, and a perfectly sculpted face.

1. Gausha

If you're looking for the perfect jawline, the gau-sha is your best friend. The wide length is used to smooth and de-puff, and the pronged end to sculpt a sharper jawline. While it might be a new tool for us, it has existed in ancient Eastern routines for centuries. Used in ‘skin scraping’ therapies, these direct energy, release blockages, and boost the lymphatic system.

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2. Jade Roller

The perfect gift for stressed-out skin. The rounded small stone tip is for the smaller contours of your face, while the large stone helps to reduce overall puffiness. For best results, roll it upwards and outwards over your serum or moisturizer to increase circulation and shift underlying fluid. The rose quartz crystal gives a cool and relaxing effect.

We Recommend: Ras Luxury Rose Quartz Face Roller. Buy It Here

3. Ice Roller

An ice roller increases blood flow and quickly calm redness. The large, roller sustains a cold temperature that awakens the lymphatic system. It's known to be a go-to tool to target under-eye puffiness.

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4. Cupping

Cupping is a special suction technique that draws blood to the surface of the skin to help in skin-plumping. Also working wonder to eliminate toxins and boost collagen. Hello, glow!

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5. Ice Globes

Fed up of the post-acne scars, Ice globes are all you need. Cooling wands used to soothe redness, and decrease inflammation and the appearance of large pores. They stimulate and exercise facial nerves and muscle working to tighten your skin and aid in the elimination of fine lines.

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6. Sculpting Bar

Inspired by traditional Japanese firming tools, the T-bar top tones and tightens the skin as it vibrates. If you're looking for an ultra-luxe boost opt for the 24 k gold-plated one.

We Recommend: House of Beauty India 24K face Massager Buy It Here

7. Face Sculpting Roller

Amp up your skincare routine with a beauty roller for sculpted and firmer skin. Seamlessly fitting the contours of your face, its kneading actions mimic that of a professional massage. For best result use it on freshly cleansed skin after your CTM regime.

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