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Fashion Powerhouse Zara Is Launching A New Beauty Line, Zara Beauty

Zara Beauty is launching a refillable make-up like on 12 May 2021. Here's all you need to know!

When you think of a shopping haul is Zara the first name to pop into your head? If you just said yes then you know you're a Zara loyalist, just as we are. And we have some good news for all those of you who always dreamt of being in Zara head-to-toe. Hold your breath cause fashion giant Zara has taken the plunge to foray into the world of sustainable beauty with a line called Zara beauty. Staying in sync with the brands philosophy the line of cosmetics is , playful, innovative, fresh and a bonus - refillable.

All set to launch in select stores and online on 12 May 2021 across Europe, North America, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand before being rolled out elsewhere. This will be the houses first-ever comprehensive beauty collection.

To begin with, the collection will feature six lip products including lipstick, tinted balm, lip oil and lip gloss; eye-shadow palettes, shadow duos, a black eyeliner, bronzer, blush palettes, highlighter, 39 nail polishes, and makeup brushes. And that's just to start, we can't wait to see what more the brand will introduce with the passage of time.

Encased in minimalistic white refillable packages, the clean beauty line has been developed in collaboration with Diane Kendal, the renowned international makeup artist.

Aside from launching in stores, the brand has also added a new feature to both its website and app which will allow customers to virtually recreate how each product will apply to their eyes, lips, face and nails.

Scroll through to get transported into beauty paradise and start figuring out what you’re going to add to your cart!


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