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11 Nail Art Design Ideas To Give Your Manicure An Upgrade

You aren’t truly ready without the perfectly manicured and polished nails. And if you you’re getting engaged soon it’s time to get your hands ready to don that rock! Nail art aka the chance to have the dreamiest manicure ever, is possibly with our favourite thing ever. That feeling once you step out of the salon cannot be explained!

From french tips with a twist to the most whimsical way to add flowers into your mani, nail art is undeniably pretty. Whether you're into an understated minimal gold design, or fancy a bolder colour palette to contrast a white dress, there's a chic nail art design for everyone. So, if your hands are about to get serious time in the spotlight, make sure you’re rocking a showstopping mani! That’s why we’ve brought you the best of the best. Browse through our edit of the most versatile nail art designs for 2021.

1. The New French Tip

Give the classic French Manicure a refreshing twist. An ideal pick for those who like to keep it minimal and elegant. Ditch those white tips as you replace them with vibrant hues, pastel shade and metallic tones for a contemporary upgrade.

2. Ruby Wooo

Much like red lips, red nails are always in trend. Amp up the classic hue with sparkle or geometric nail art designs. Play with ombre tones for a unique look.

3. Pastel Paradise

If you're still hung up on pastel hues, we don't blame you, and if you haven't tried them yet it's time to hop onto the bandwagon. Make it unique as you add floral motifs, crystal adornments, and a touch of sparkle. We guarantee these will be elegant and sophisticated. Bonus? They're as versatile as it can get!


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