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Fashion And Beauty Trends To Watch Out For in 2021

A comprehensive guide for the latest fashion and beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2021!

With every season comes a slew of new trends that bring with it a refreshing twist, be it fashion or beauty. From avant-garde drapes and silhouettes to dramatic make-up and embracing the idea of natural beauty with the ‘less is more’ trend, fashion and beauty mavericks are quick to jump onto the bandwagon. And let’s take a moment to admit that fashion trends cease to exist without the right beauty trends and vice-versa. So as you sit down to scout through the biggest trends for the season, let us help you be your helping hand to make the process easier.

Top Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2021

Statement Sleeves

Whether you love them or hate them, exaggerated sleeves are here to stay. From frills and ruffles to puffy sleeves, big sleeves have a cheerful vibe making them a must-have for summer.


Remember the time bralettes were a wardrobe staple with pantsuits. Although emerging as a part of power-dressing, this season bralettes are a winner on their own. With new iterations these make every outfit look cute. Layer them over your dresses or shirts for a different look.

Slouchy Pants

Stowaway your skinny jeans and cigarette pants, because this season baggy trousers are reigning supreme. They may not have the sleek, streamlining effect but being a comfy trend, they’re taking over as an everyday wear staple.


With the pandemic, sweats became a staple stay-at-home uniform, and luxury brands accepted this trend with wide arms. So appreciate the fact that if 2020 gave us one thing, it’s a nod to sweats. Amp up the fun as you experiment with colours, quirky prints and embellishments.

Monochrome Outfits

Fancy sweat pants in monotone are always crowd-pleasers. Be it on the streets or the runway, no matter where you look monotone is the biggest trend this season.


Flaunt your curves and midriff as you embrace the hottest trend of the season – cut-outs. Working their way into gowns and dresses, it brings out a flirty, feminine and ladylike vibe. Because this season showing a little skin is in vogue.

Beauty Trends For Spring/Summer 2021


It’s back with a bang, quite literally. The 90’s favourite hairstyle – fringes, is here to make a powerful impact.

Bold eyes

With face masks becoming a wardrobe MVP, it’s all about the eyes. So let your eyes do the talking as you add shimmer, and colour to your eye make-up looks.

The Dewy Look

Embrace your natural beauty, and highlight the key features. With the dewy look becoming a favourite for celebrities it’s all about ‘less is more.’ Because it’s not always OTT that is the winner.

Peachy Tones

Peachy tones and dewy skin work as the ultimate make-up look for 2021. The best part about the colour peach is that it looks incredible on everyone. No matter what your complexion, peachy tones give your skin tone an instant glow. Opt for dewy eyelids and a glossy lip tint for a truly sun-kissed look.

Hair Accessories

From embellished headbands to bandanas and pearl pins, hair accessories are here to stay in the beauty world. While there might not be much to glam up with in terms of make-up, it’s time to go all out with hairstyles and we are on board!


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