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Bold Flavours And Modern Plating, Beyond Designs Bistro Is Our New Favourite Spot

In conversation with Neha Gupta to know all about her latest venture - Beyond Designs Bistro.

Launched in early 2020, Beyond Designs Home and Bistro is the brainchild of Founder & Restaurnater Neha Gupta, it brings together her designs aesthetics with her passion for food. Exploring her passion for food, Gupta decided to expand the scope of Beyond Designs with a new vertical - The Bistro which is housed in their flagship store.

"As a designer, I take interest in all artistic areas, be it food, fashion or hosting events. Everything revolves around good taste and an eye for detail. For me, the culinary space is another such area. So it didn’t seem like much of a diverse idea. The inspiration came from all the concept stores I visited while travelling abroad that offered beautiful shopping-and-dining experiences. I wanted to recreate that experience for our patrons here in Delhi."

- Neha Gupta

Nestled in the hustle-bustle of interior design - MG Road, Sultanpur, New Delhi, Beyond Designs Bistro, is a unique concept store that brings together the experience of shopping with a cafe to indulge in refined cuisine -- or rather shall we say, a space where food meets art. As you step foot into the store it instantly reminds you of European grandeur and opulence, especially with the charming French-style interiors. Large chandeliers and a bay window light up the space with is furnished with a mix of the brand's signature home furnishing and gorgeous wallpapers. Summing up the space and menu to perfection Gupta said, "The Bistro interiors are conceived in true Parisian bistro-style with a vintage vibe and laidback luxury. And our dishes are mainly experimental European fare that matches up to the interiors in sophistication and refinement. It’s an art-filled environment that makes the specially crafted dishes and the beautiful manner in which they are served even more delicious and enjoyable."

The menu offers a creative menu including predominantly modern European cuisine with a sprinkle of lip-smacking Asian dishes and delicious artisanal baked treats that a beautifully presented. And might we add, it does give stiff competition to the Masterchef plating techniques. Each plate oozes with refinement, finesse, an array of colours and well-balanced flavours, only to show how Neha brings her design aesthetics to the plate.

Offering a delight to the palate are some of the bistro's signature dishes that we suggest are a must-have. Start the day with a wholesome non-vegetarian breakfast - opt for the bistro special, 1960 Bistro Brekkie or Meat Lovers Omelette. P.S. it's an all-day breakfast menu! The meat lover omelette is as mouth-watering as it gets. Perfectly cooked egged stuffed with sausages served with a side of healthy salad tossed in a mustard sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and healthy rye bread. Not only is it a treat to our tastebuds, but what caught out attention is how Gupta brings her design aesthetics to the plate playing with pops of colour to make the dish look visually appealing. An array of colours come together in symphony for a dish that is a visual treat. For a sweeter start, you can also opt for the Wholewheat Pancakes which are a healthier option. Team it with a delicious glass of Hazelnut Cold Coffee that is not too sweet and just as strong as we’d like our coffee. The hazelnut cold coffee is unlike anything else we’ve tried.

But with the scorching sun shining brightly upon us indulging in a chilled mocktail or coffee is a no brainer. The highlight for us was undeniably the Kaffir Lime Basil Lemonade which was as refreshing as it gets. Fizzy and delicious with a burst of freshness, and a strong hit of kaffir lime with a subtle flavour of fresh basil, it worked as the perfect thirst quencher.

And now moving onto the main course, while the plethora of delicious options on the menu can get mind blogging we have a pick that won't leave you disappointed if you're a vegetarian or non-vegetarian - The Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shell Pasta - a harmony of flavours in a tangy tomato sauce, made us fall in love with the deliciousness of stuffed pasta all over again. What we loved is the balance of flavours, that let the notes of every ingredient sing on our palate, the well-balanced sauce didn't take away from the strong flavour of ricotta and spinach.

However, if you're one who craves a non-veg option the Chicken Wellington is crunchy and creamy - and that right there is in itself a winner! Stuffed with herbed minced chicken it's anything but bland! Take your tastebuds on a trip to Asia as you try the Bistro Special Noodle Basket with Chicken and Lamb, Thai curry or the Warm Quinoa Buddha Bowl.

And for those of you who wish to eat a healthy meal explore their fresh salad menu. The Chef's special Winter Pear Salad with blanched almonds and broccoli tossed in light sesame dressing is a lovely option no matter what the season. Want some fruit in your salad? Then opt for the Kale, Orange, Dried Berries and Rocket Salad.

Finally, we ended the meal on a sweet note and quite frankly we stuck to the classics - The Tiramisu. While it may be a classic dish, not everyone is able to get the balance right, this one was perfectly balanced with the right amount of coffee, mascarpone and sponge; and once we started we couldn't get ourselves to stop. But if you wish to be a little more experimental, try the Classic Caramel Two Ways or give into indulgence with the Duty-Free Snickers Cheesecake.

What's more? If you're feeling lazy to step out, order from their special home delivery menu with breakfast in bed options. A wholesome meal delivered to the comfort of your home, all you need to do is inform them 24 hours in advance for a lip-smacking meal. And for all those of you, who struggle with finding a restaurant that offers a delicious Keto menu, Beyond Designs Bistro has you covered for that too!

P.S. they keep changing the menu so no two experiences of yours will ever be the same; there will always be something new worth trying.

Further, make your special occasions all the more festive with the Bespoke Event Catering. Not only are your catering services taken care of but everything from the table decor to coordination, staffing to foodservice; they make the dining experience a truly memorable one.

Whether you want to grab a quick coffee, indulge in a whole meal breakfast to kick start the day, take a lunch break or indulge in a romantic dinner with your loved ones, the charming restaurant offers the right kind of atmosphere for every mood. "We have a specially crafted Keto menu served in-house, as well as offered on delivery. The ready-to-eat dining kits and DIY dining kits were designed to make home dining elegant and fun. And the Breakfast in Bed concept equals breakfast or brunch at any fine-dining place," adds Neha.

TSL's Final Verdict!

- Refined food with a burst of flavours that are beautifully balanced making each bite ooze with delicious

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee the menu has you covered for every meal

- Authentic flavours that leave your palate longing for me

- Exquisite interiors with a luxurious appeal

If you haven't visited yet, it's time to make a trip!

To Know More:

Call: +91 9717741360

Order Online: Order on Zomato

Where: Opp. Metro Pillar No. 89, M.G. Road, Sultanpur, New Delhi

Timings: Mon-Sun 10 AM to 10 PM


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