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This Noida-Based Thai Delivery Kitchen Guarantees Authentic Flavours

These mouth-watering authentic Thai dishes from the delivery kitchen, Boraan Thai, will leave you wanting more.

Nestled in a home in Noida, Delhi-NCR, the delivery kitchen, Boraan Thai is the brainchild of Scotchie Kandhari, a connoisseur of fine food raised in Bangkok who honed her culinary skills during the pandemic. A self-taught culinary artist, Kandhari zeroed on diverse flavours and techniques of the food she grew up on. She started by satiating the taste buds of family and friends with haute cuisine from Thailand and then turned her passion into a business. That is how Boraan Thai was born.“ My home turf is Bangkok in Thailand. I grew up on its vibrant street food bursting with local flavours. And when I settled in Noida, I tried various cuisines but nothing gave me contentment as authentic and rich Thai dishes do. That is when I decided to zero in on my own food and incorporate innovative techniques to satiate the taste buds of connoisseurs of Thai food. The pandemic gave me the needed push and here we are with a delivery-based kitchen wooing food lovers with sumptuous traditional Thai meals packed with TLC and nostalgic flavours," says Scotchie Kandhari, Founder and Entrepreneur, Boraan Thai.

In Thai, Boraan means traditional, and this delivery-based kitchen has wooed us with food that bursts with authentic Thai flavour that almost transports us to Thailand. Further adding Kandhari shared, "Boraan Thai believes in marrying traditional ways of Thai cooking with modern techniques, without compromising on the authenticity of flavours. We continue to remain committed to serving flavoursome Thai food by creating curry pastes and other essential ingredients in our kitchen."

The menu ranges from native delicacies like Tom Yum—wholesome bowls of spicy soup flavoured with invigorating Lemongrass, Lime, and Bird's Eye Chilli, sumptuous Chicken Satay that is left to marinate overnight and is served with a refreshing Cucumber Chilli Relish and Homemade Peanut Sauce, and Goong Yang Samun Pai (minced prawns marinated with Homemade Curry Paste, chargrilled to perfection) among others. However, the Tom Yum and curries remain a favourite for the chef.

My Recommendations

We were left pleasantly surprised upon receiving the delivery in a cane basket decorated with orchids that added to the experience. While each of the dishes was delicious, some were standouts for me. These included the Sala Pao Chilli Basil Chicken Bao that has the perfect filling while balancing the sweetness of the bao with the chilli dipping sauce and green onion relish. The Plan Neung Manao Banana Wrap Sea Bass was hands down my favourite - full of Thai aromatic flavours, each bite truly melts in your mouth leaving your palette with a burst of freshness and flavour. The slowly roasted Moo Yang Sapparod Pork Belly is by far the best one I've tried - without being too chewy, the meat is tender and the thin strips are cooked to perfection in a sweet and spicy sauce that will leave you drooling! And finally, the must-try includes their Kaeng Kiew Wan Thai Green Curry - what makes it truly special is the freshly pounded curry paste that is the secret ingredient of all their delectable Thai curries.

We caught up with chef Scotchie Kandhari to know more!

Tell us how to add a modern twist to the traditional flavours.

Introducing disruptive cooking techniques to traditional flavours is how we have added a modern twist to our menu. Our curry pastes and ingredients are homemade. Evidence of this is present in native delicacies like Tom Yum. We make this spicy soup by flavouring it with lemongrass, lime and bird’s eye chilli. There is also the traditional satay which is served with a jest on every corner of Bangkok’s Street food stalls. My satay is left to marinate overnight and served with a dash of refreshing chilli cucumber relish and homemade peanut sauce. Our freshly pounded curry paste is our mainstay ingredient in almost all of our delectable Thai curries.

How often do you plan to reinvent the menu?

Our expansive menu is an amalgamation of Thai traditions and hence we reinvent it often while keeping the signature dishes and foundational methods the same. Giving a modern twist to such an ancient yet beloved cuisine is not only satiating for our customers but also gives us a new canvas of ambrosial spices to play with. With every little tweak we plan to do in our menu, our end goal would be to demonstrate the efficacious culture and heritage of Thailand.

Ending on an optimistic note, after receiving love and appreciation from Delhi-NCR, Scotchie is looking to expand within Delhi in the near future.

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