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Delhi's First-Ever Authentic Ramen Restaurant, Mensho Tokyo To Open Doors Next Week

Delhi's ever-evolving culinary scene, never fails to impress. While there's a slew of new places to dine in post the pandemic, this one holds a special place in our heart.

Calling all Ramen lovers, your quest to binge on authentic Japanese Ramen has finally been answered. Yes, Delhi welcomes its first of a kind authentic ramen heaven, Mensho Tokyo. Transporting you to all the way to Japan, the space is all set to open doors on the 3rd of February. So bookmark your calendars!

Menya Shono was brainchild behind inventing the delicious bowl of noodles and soup, with its vegetarian and non-vegetarian iterations - what we now call 'Ramen'. He believed that every bowl of Ramen is like art, guaranteeing not only a visual treat but also a culinary delight with umami! With the same ideology global chain, Mensho Tokyo brings you a myriad of ramen bowls to choose from. As your excitement levels sore, let us give your a virtual tour of their must-try dishes that are sure to leave you salivating!

Located in New Delhi's GK 2 M block market, the all-new restaurant with minimalistic interiors, wooden furniture, offers a contemporary vibe. Keeping in sync with the covid-19 protocols, Mensho Tokyo ensures that safety remains a first priority.

From Gyoza's to Edamame, Ramen to soupless Ramen, (P.S. fresh noodles made in-house everyday) and bubble tea to a delicious match ice-cream, the compact and flavourful menu brings the signature flavours of Japan to India. Start your meal with a fizzy bottle of ginger beer and a side of Spicy Edamame created with authentic Japanese spices. Slowly find your way to their array of appetisers.

Their must-try includes golden crispy bottom Pork Gyoza served with a homemade dipping sauce (they have an equally amazing vegetarian option as well), crunchy Dynamite Prawns, and crispy chips featuring Enoki mushrooms, Lotus stem and eggplant with the Wasabi Aioli that is a hands down winner if you're looking for a vegetarian option. We suggest dipping the crispy chic in a whole lot of sauce for the best flavour.

And...... when you come to the Ramen menu, you're sure to be blown-away, and might even find yourself thoroughly confused wanting to order the entire menu. But wait a second, there's always a next time. For your first visit, we highly reccomend all meat lovers to try the soupless Spicy Lamb Mazesoba that is god sent. Tossed in Lamb chilli oil this offers the perfect balance of warm spices, nuts, and lamb. The highlight of the bowl is the perfect noodle dough made in-house, that brings the whole dish together.

If healthy living is your calling, the Vegan Tantanmen offers a burst of flavours. The best part? Although, a plant-based option it tastes as good as the one with meat. A rich thick broth made with almond milk and garnished with peanuts, crisps and micro greens, this is a stairway to heaven.

As you wrap up your meal, stay in the zone, and savour every bite of the matcha ice-cream that will leave you satisfied.

What we loved?

- Auenthic Japanese flavours that we've never had before anywhere in Delhi.

- Despite going all-out and binging, we didn't feel stuffed and heavy.

- A piece of advice, the Ramen is incredible and SOO worth the calories, so don't lose your appetite with all the sumptuous appetisers!

So, if you're looking to give your taste buds a Japanese twist, this is where you need to be. Get ready to witness poetry on a plate as you experience the chorus of flavours, textures and aromas in these Ramen bowls.


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