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Beauty Review: iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 40 PerfecTint in Beige

Why we loved the all new tinted sunscreen from iS Clinical.

When it comes to our daily beauty regimen, sunscreen is a non-negotiable product. Be it summer, winter, monsoon, fall or spring, putting on sunscreen 30 minutes prior to leaving our home comes almost naturally to most of us. Hence, picking the right sunscreen is quintessential. It's one of the most important products of our skincare routine, and quality should not be compromised upon.

I reviewed iS Clinical's all new Extreme Protect SPF 40 PerfecTint in the shade beige, and I was in awe. Personally for me, I prefer sunscreens that have a natural tint, not only do they give my skin a natural, luminous, and dewy glow while stepping out but it also ensures my skin looks even toned without applying layers of makeup. And iS Clinical's new formula guarantees all that and more, making it my current favourite in the market.

What We Loved About The Product

With a long list of pros it’s my new favourite go to product. Being an essential part of skincare investing in a good sunscreen is a non negotiable for. iS Clinical’s new formula brings together hydration, protection all-in-one game changing product. What's more? Having a luxurious, creamy, silky smooth texture upon application, the formula blended into my skin seamlessly and the natural tint left my skin with a luminous and natural glow (which I fell in love with!). Made using the Extremozyme technology combined with the benefits of a broad spectrum, UVA/UVB sunscreen and enriched with Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide, my skin felt even toned, soft, supple and hydrated minutes after usage. It almost felt like I'd just applied my daily wear moisturizing cream.

A major plus for me was the weightless technology used in formula that almost makes it feel like your skin is not wearing any product. With the pump technology, the small nozzle ensured I pumped out just the right amount every time without wastage. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and non oily, making it the perfect choice for all seasons, and I didn't feel the weight even after reapplication through the day.For the winter it works like a charm for dry skin - thanks to the luxurious moisturizer that's infused in the product which provides your skin with a surge of moisture. And the non-greasy, non-sticky property makes it ideal for the sultry summers. I always look out for the best quality, it’s a product that I will use daily for all seasons in the year.

* The highlight was definitely the fact that it was weightless, long-lasting, water proof, and my skin could breathe despite reapplication every 4-5 hours. And ofcourse the natural tint just works like a charm, it's just what you need for a day out when you want to skip on a foundation.

Overall TSL Beauty Review

For me, overall there were no cons, it was only a long list of pros. The 100 gm bottle is available in the market for INR 7,950 and while the price tag might seem hefty to a few it's worth every penny. I always focus on the quality and the safety of the product. It's paraben free, botanically free, reduces sunburn, provides an antioxidant-rich protective barrier and lowers risk of skin cancer. However, just like everything if you end up using far too much product it will feel sticky before the skin absorbs it completely.

About The Product

Extreme Protect SPF 40 is a multilevel environmentally protective treatment formula featuring our proprietary Extremozyme technology combined with scientifically advanced all-physical sunscreen actives; transparent micronized Zinc Oxide and transparent micronized Titanium Dioxide. This antioxidant-rich state-of-the-art broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen helps support optimal skin health as it moisturizes and protects.

*Suitable for all skin types, daily protection, sunburned skin, dehydrated skin and environmental protection.


Titanium Dioxide - a non-irritating and non-allergenic physical active sunscreen ingredient

Zinc Oxide - physical active sunscreen ingredient

Vitamin E - A highly efficacious moisturizer and antioxidant that helps protect against the visual effects of photodamage

Extremozymes® - A proprietary combination of enzymes that are clinically proven to help protect skin from environmental aggressors

Available in: Translucent, PerfecTint Beige, and PerfecTint Bronze

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