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The Ultimate AM to PM Beauty Regime With Dr. Kiran Sethi

It's a well known fact that having a different summer and winter beauty regime is essential. And just like that, your skin-care routine should vary from morning to night. When you wake up, the focus should be on protecting your skin from the pollution and sun. In the evening, switch gears and apply regenerating ingredients that help repair your skin overnight.

As you catch up on your beauty sleep, your skin revitalises and rejuvenates itself making products like serums and face oil more effective at night. However, other products like sunscreen and moisturise are an unmissable step when you’re starting your day. To help you achieve your dream skin in no time, leading dermatologist and owner of Isya Aesthetics, Dr. Kiran Sethi, shares the ultimate AM and PM skincare routine.

AM Routine


Dr. Kiran recommends starting your routine with a cleanser based on your skin-type. Elaborating on the point she suggests an oil-based or cream cleanse for dry to normal skin and a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide based cleanser for oily or acne prone skin.


Since mornings are for repair, Dr Kiran suggests using a Vitamin C serum like Trivita C30 or iS Clinical Proheal Serum. Vitamin C works to protect the skin from free-radical damage and lighten any dark spots.


Moisturise works as the final step to lock in the benefits of the other products while leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated. Dr. Kiran recommends following up the serum with a moisturiser, she adds, "Moisturiser as needed based on your skin-type."


The last and most essential step is sunscreen. Apply it 30 minutes before stepping out of the house and don't forget to re-apply it every few hours. Sunscreen prevents your skin from the harmful UV rays that damage your skin.

PM Routine

Evenings are all about repair, so spending time on skincare every night is a non-negotiable.


After a long day, it's essential to cleanse your face and remove all the make-up and dirt particles from your face. Begin your night routine with a cleanser says Dr. Kiran. Make-up often clogs the pores and can be a cause of acne, so you don't want to miss this step. Follow up the routine by washing your face with a gentle face-wash. And if you want that coveted glow, she recommends a Poly Hydroxy acid containing cleansing properties.

Serum and Retinols

To follow up she recommends a products based on your skincare concerns. For instance, if pigmentation or dullness is a concern, opt for a serum containing aha with other anti pigmentation actives like Kojic Acid or Vitamin C, such as iS Clinical Genex Serum or Line Subtractor. If anti-aging products are what you wish to add retinols like Retriderm Gel, Correction Fluide or Obagi retinol should be your go-to.

Anti-aging cream and Retinol

Finally complete your routine with a night cream or anti-aging cream (depending on your need) to seal in all the benefits of the products. For summers opt for Clinical moisturising complex for winter use embryolisse cream. On days, when you wish to give your skin some extra TLC throw in a overnight facemask.


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