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8 Tips To Do Away With Water Retention During The Heat

A 101 guide by Clinic Dermatech's top nutritionist to help ease water retention

Blooming flowers, clear blue skies, the scorching sun, chilled sorbets, pastel colour tones and a burst of vibrant energy perfect describe the summer months. And adding to high notes of the season is dressing during these hot and humid months. Yes, it's the time to pull out your micro shorts, twirl in dainty skirts and stock up on comfy linen clothing. But just like every pro of life, summer doesn't come without it cons.

Getting ready for the hot and humid months often means hitting the gym to be our fittest and get our beach body ready. But for some, putting on a few extra pounds the weighing scale comes unexplained. Have you ever found yourself feeling bloating, and weighing extra on the scale without eating more than usual? Well, you're not alone. This unexplained weight gain can often be a result of bloating and water retention caused due to the heat wave. Surprisingly, the heat can cause bloating and the last thing anyone wants to think about during swimsuit season is deflating a bloated belly. With the mercury soaring your body tends to store more water to ensure you are well-hydrated. When your body sweats too much, you lose water. And when you lose too much water, your body tries to hold on to what it's got. This fluid retention can leave you feeling bloated, lethargic and dizzy. So this summer get out of the sun and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Top nutritionists from Clinic Dermatech's share tips to combat bloating in these months. While it’s true that salty foods can lead to water retention around the mid-section, here are a few tips to keep in mind to cut back on belly bloating.

1. Keep your daily salt intake under check

Salt is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to bloating. Keep a close eye on the amount of salty food you're taking in. Eating too much salt can cause water retention

because your body needs to hold on to water to dilute it.

2. Increase consumption of magnesium

A good sources are nuts, whole grains, leafy green vegetables

3. Increase the consumption of Vitamin B6

Food like bananas, potatoes and walnuts are a good source.

4. Eat more potassium-rich foods

They help by decreasing sodium levels of the body and increasing urine production thereby reducing water retention. Good sources are Bananas, Avocados and tomatoes

5. Detox water

Add detox water to your morning routine. Wake up and drink a glass of infused water like fennel seed or coriander, cinnamon-infused water.

6. De-stress

Stress is a big killer and yes it leads to clouting too. Get adequate sleep and try to de-stress with meditation and yoga techniques.

7. Skip on junk food and eat clean

The main reason for water retention is poor diet i.e. excess sodium and excess sugar

intake can lead to water retention. So ensure to eat clean and incorporate healthy fruits and veggies in your diet plan and skip on the junk food.

8. Reduce consumption of alcohol and caffeine

Overconsumption of alcohol, caffeine will also lead to water retention, so it is wise to cut back on the intake of these.


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