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What Do Your Colour Choices Say About Your Personality?

Along with the shape and the style of our clothing, colour plays an extensive role. Colours can affect your mood, behaviour and stress levels. The colours we chose to wear affect our mood more than we think. We associate colours with different things and more importantly, we feel colours. It is one of the most important ways that we can express ourselves with what we wear. You can pick a colour based on the mood you are in, or a mood that you WANT to be in.

Whether you're cheerful, creative or ambitious, each colour implies a different personality trait. So here's how you can channel the power of colour into your outfits. We've rounded up what the most important colour choices say about your personality, and how you can use colours in clothing to your advantage.

Calming Blues

The colour blue is associated with blue skies… a positive thing. It also means there are no storms to come. Looking at the blue sky in the morning is always a mood uplifter. This is why it reminds us of stability and calm. Wearing blue hence gives us a feeling of calmness, tranquillity, loyalty and stability. Darker hues of blue are considered more calming. Sending out a message of confidence, blues are a great choice for interviews and meeting. Calmness and poise are two qualities found in people who opt for blue hues. Blue shades of clothing are often chosen by kind, sympathetic, courteous and even shy people. Blue also reduces blood pressure.

Ravishing Red

Red is often the colour we choose because we want to stand out and to demonstrate our power with a bright, exciting colour that is impossible to ignore. Red is also a colour of passion and power and the vibrant hue is associated with energy, movement, and excitement. It is often a shade you give preference to if you are going to persuade or impress somebody. Red also acts are a stimulant for men. Those who often wear red are bright, easily excitable, slightly self-centred and also addiction-prone. A red outfit can increase your self-confidence and make you stand out in a crowd.

Powerful Black

Black is a colour that is taken seriously. It is an indicator of professionalism, mystery, prestige, power, seriousness and intelligence. People who opt for black clothing are ambitious, purposeful and emotional. They are emotional and easily excitable, although they often try to hide it.

Youthful Yellow

Yellow is the colour of happiness, youth, the sun, and laughter. It increases the production of serotonin in the brain, speeds up metabolism and lifts the mood to all those around it. Further, yellow increases concentration and attention. People who are dreamers, adventurous and ready to explore and conquer the world are the ones who opt for yellow hues. If you wish to prep up your mood, yellow is an ideal choice.

Royal Purple

In the past purple was a representation of royalty and higher society. It meant sophistication, wealth and luxury. Today purple is associated with creativity, spirituality, insight, and love of art. According to experts people who wear purple are emotional, sensitive, unpredictable, passionate, dreamy and love mysticism.

Harmonious Green

The colour green is all about harmony and helps you sustain a good mood. Being a colour that is associated with sustainability and nature, the pleasantness of green causes a feeling of peace and contentment. Those who prefer green live an active public life and are considered financially stable. Healing, success, hope, sustainability, freshness, harmony

Reliable Brown

Brown is the colour of the earth it implies stability, natural, reliability, strength. People who opt for brown hues give the impression of being reliable, intelligent and rational. They are slightly conservative, respect their elders and always look for peace, stability, and strength in everything.

Feminine Pink

Softer hues of pink are an indicator of femininity whereas bright pink is a flirty colour. Lighter tones of pink are considered calm, warm, feminine and sedative. Pink reduces the level of aggression. Those who love pink are romantic, optimistic, kind and self-righteous.

Cheerful Orange

The colour orange oozes cheerfulness, creativity, attractiveness, energy and gives an atmosphere a party vibe in addition to being an opportunistic colour. Energetic, cheerful, eager and optimistic people are the ones who like to wear orange. They can be ambitious and also a little flaky.

Pristine White

White is an indicator of freedom, purity, innocence and simplicity. The colour attracts reliable people who are optimistic. White is won by people who are neat, organised and those who strive for perfection. Being a versatile colour that rarely replies other it can be worn by many different personalities.

Tranquil Grey

Grey is a neutral colour and is the colour of balance. People who favour grey hues are those who don’t like to attract attention. Grey shades are a symbol of tranquillity, dimensionality, and maturity. Those who wear grey are practical, quiet and judicious.

Some of the best colours to wear to work are - blue, brown, black, green. Avoid reds, yellows, greys. Opt for orange hues for your workout wardrobe as it evokes energy and cheerfulness. The best colour for a date for women is Red, and for a man is Blue. Opt for black hues if you want to be seen as powerful/strong. If you're cheerful you're more likely to opt for a variety of colours, but if you have a more serious personality you're more likely to opt for neutral and darker tones.

Every colour you choose speaks to you and conveys something about your personality traits. That is the power of colour!


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