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Weddings In The Post Pandemic World

As the wedding season kicks in, it's a time full of hustle-bustle. From planning the wedding to picking out your outfits, the last few months before your wedding are undoubtedly hectic. But, behind all this chaos is extreme excitement and a bag full of emotions. Weddings as a special milestone that ought to be celebrated with extravagance and grandeur, especially in India. However, the novel coronavirus has torn the idea of the 'Big Fat Indian Wedding' to shreds, limiting the guest list to a maximum of 100 people.

While weddings have been scaled down in size to prioritize safety requirements, that doesn't mean you can't have your dream wedding celebrations. The celebrations may not be as flamboyant as they were, but you can opt for a personalised wedding ceremony with your near and dear ones. Leading experts in the industry believe that destination weddings within India are the new IT thing, and by 2021 the magnificent and majestic weddings will make a comeback. But for now, there's no denying that weddings with a large guestlist seem like a distant dream and close, intimate weddings are the new trend for the foreseeable future.

Keeping this thought in mind, we caught up with Shivan Gupta, Founder & Creative Head, Amaara Farms to know what's in store for the wedding industry this season.

How has the concept of the BIG FAT INDIAN wedding changed in the post-pandemic world?

Ans. The Big Fat Indian Wedding during Covid-19 has evolved to celebrating with close friends and family. Weddings today are about soulful experiences and meaningful memories that take you through a lifetime. The Health and safety of the guests are on top of the priority list. The concept of intimate celebrations has made a positive shift towards spending time with the ones we truly love and cherish involving fewer people yet enjoying the finest decor, soulful food, and the rush of adrenaline with all the lights, drama, and emotions. 

While the size has been scaled down immensely have people scaled down on the extravagance of a wedding celebration? Ans. Over the years, wedding celebrations have evolved far ahead of being just an oath of togetherness between two individuals and their families. Each generation has its own unique way of celebrating this intimate milestone and every bride and groom dreams of a spectacular wedding celebration like no other. A wedding affair in our country is always a time for happiness. An Indian wedding can never be anything of true joy, connections, lots of love, energy, warmth, and memories. To top it all, we help the wedding couple to have the best available in the country with our partners- a beautifully landscaped venue, stunning decor, delicious food, and the best photographers to capture their special memories. With our concept, "Intimate Weddings by Amaara"(details shared at the end of the article), we have aimed to provide the best to our patrons by partnering with the best of the industry, who understand the complex and diverse aesthetics, palette, design, and the associated emotions of our clients and their guests.

Intimate, small scale weddings are the new trend - what is your opinion? Ans. Intimate celebrations are definitely the new normal at this point. With the shift in the current times, more than a trend, the safety of the guests is a priority. Having said that, celebrations naturally become intimate and more meaningful. This year we foresee a trend of more personalized, sophisticated, and more closely-knit events taking the front seat for young patrons. Weddings will have an even deeper meaning; A moment to reflect on the last few months, be grateful for good health and celebrate with loved ones and plan the future awaiting ahead.  

How can weddings be made more sustainable & eco-friendly? Ans. As weddings become smaller it is possible to pay attention to every small detail. Maintain an RSVP list that can be shared in advance with your wedding planner or the person in charge at home. This will also help you plan your arrangements without any wastage and within your budget.  At Amaara Farms, we have made constant efforts to reduce food wastage. Menus were made less elaborate and more meaningful aimed at reduced wastage. With an RSVP list, we planned the amount of ingredients required, and also introduced live stations for food. The food is cooked live as a platter laid out with the option the guest had wished for. This ensured live cooking of the meal, the right temperature, a chef with all checks in place, safe distance between the food area and guests, and minimum wastage. In terms of decor, being vocal for local, reusing, recycling and repurposing can be the way forward. There is nothing better than using our natural Indian textiles. One can even opt for organic textiles for decor. Recycling flowers into fragrances or incense sticks, which can then be gifted. 

Will destination weddings within India see a boom in the near future?

Ans. Destination weddings within India will be an option for places where one can drive to. Those who want will opt for a destination wedding however close to home or in the neighbouring states where guests can easily drive to till people feel safe travelling by flights. 

Intimate Wedding By Amaara

Operating as per the mandatory COVID-19 safety, health and hygiene protocols issued by the government of India, these packages are designed in collaboration with some of the industry’s leading names like The Wedding Design Company by Vandana Mohan, Kitchen Art by Puneet Sikand, Abhinav Bhagat, Artfoto Studios, Shutterdown Photography and others.

Intimate Weddings by Amaara”, offers a hassle-free way to save and celebrate weddings. Couples don’t have to go and meet vendors and sit on budgeting with them, the multi-purpose curation can be pared down as per their taste and preference. The various packages are offered at a fraction of the earlier cost in a series of first of its kind collaborations with industry veterans.


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