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"I love amalgamating trends with a twist of my style," says Anushkaa Bajaj As Her Flagship Store Opens At The Dhan Mill

The Dhan Mill is blossoming into a haven of couture, and the newest addition is the Anushkaa Bajaj flaghsip store. Anushkaa Bajaj, a young designer and new comer in the fashion industry, is known for her graceful designs which are feminine.

Modern and contemporary in design with a a sectiond dedciated to client cosults, you will be swept away by an ethereal ambiance created using shades of green, ivory and metallic accents. As you walk further into the store, clothing racks reveal her latest collection Whispers of Love, a collection inspired by the gentleness of spring and the breathtaking aroma of blossoms.

The Style List spoke exclusive to Anushka Bajaj, Founder of Anushkaa Bajaj label, to know more about her new store, her style and the new collection.

Q. Take us through your new store and what inspired the design.

A. Our flagship store at Dhanmill is inspired by my personal aesthetics which is very minimal and chic. The walls are classic Ivory with a touch of green and ivory chevron pattern on the floor. The overall furniture is geometric and the tassels add a beautiful touch of drama to the entire store. AB store defines my personal style. The green aesthetics is my favourite part as I’ve always loved green colour, it is my lucky, go-to colour! It definitely calms me down and as a designer I want my buyers to experience the peace, calmness that I experience while designing it for them.

Q. Throw light on the new collection launch.

A. With the arrival of the Spring-Summer season, the tender sunshine and the sweet fragrance of newly bloomed flowers have inspired us to unveil our most special collection yet: "Whispers of Love." The collection draws inspiration from the delicate and fresh aura of spring and summer and so the collection is light, delicate handmade in dainty, light fabrics like georgette, and organza. This season is all about dainty draped sarees, capes, draped skirts, lots of tassels and a comfortable yet classy aura. 

Q. You’re known for your contemporary silhouettes; how do you feel the bride of today 

has she changed her approach to dressing?

Honestly, a lot has changed over the last couple of years! Modern brides choose to stay minimalistic with a hint of glamour which I think I thoroughly understand as it has been my personal style ever since. I love designing collections that embrace a bespoke aura and also make the wearer feel so beautiful and comfortable. All my silhouettes are fuss-free and effortless but at the same time resonate with the women of today.

Q. Are you someone who believes in trends? If yes, what is one trend according to you that is evergreen?

A. As a designer I have to be a trendsetter but at the same time, I have to cater to my client’s wants. And clients do demand trending silhouettes! And we love amalgamating trends with a twist of my style. However, I feel boot-cut pants is an evergreen and my personal go-to trend! That we’ve been doing ever since I started my own label. We’ve always done fit and flared pants in different silhouettes, which honestly girls adore.

Q. Describe the Anushkaa Bajaj aesthetics in a few words.

A. I am and always will be a firm believer of Less is More and I feel a garment doesn’t have to be heavily embroidered to look good but it should be designed in such a way that makes the wearer stand out by defining their true aura. And that’s what we ace!

Q. Most of your creations don’t feature embroidery head-to-toe. What was the idea behind making such wearable pieces?

A. As I said, I’ve always been inspired by the fact that you don’t need to do everything and anything to make it look perfect but you have to be smart enough to make it look good. And hence, I explored my love for minimal embroidery that makes you fall in love with yourself. 

Q. When did you discover your love for fashion?

A. I think I always knew it! I remember back from my school days I knew it, I had to be a designer and I never had an alternative career plan. So this is something I’ve always wanted to do and I knew I could.


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