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Vol 2: The Style List GenNext Special Dec'23

The second edition of The Style List delves into the transformative GenNext movement, exploring the influx of modernity, innovations, and novel perspectives. Against the backdrop of a burgeoning youth demographic in India, millennials are driving paradigm shifts in creative landscapes, reshaping industries across the board. The issue critically examines GenNext's impact on fashion, delving into the potency of Indian fashion on the global stage, and scrutinising the innovative trends shaping the Indian market.

As Mithai brands in India contemporize both flavours and packaging, beauty and fitness supplements supplant age-old lifestyle practices. The shift towards modern living has correspondingly generated a heightened demand for home decor and interiors. Simultaneously, the younger generation exhibits a discerning eye for art, propelling the growth of the luxury art sector in the country. Another noteworthy aspect is the Gen Z traveller's inclination towards experiential travel, elevating the popularity of ski resorts both domestically and internationally. Our feature on the most luxurious resorts globally provides insights into this emerging trend.

December, being the most enchanting month of the year, marks the conclusion of the year and invites the festive spirit. Opulent tablescapes and Christmas gifts, predominantly in a red colour scheme, are among the highlights. In the ensuing pages, readers can explore the flourishing GenNext culture and anticipate the evolution that our country is poised to witness in the forthcoming years.

Through this issue, we intend to conclude the year on a positive note, fostering hope for a brighter 2024. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and joyous holidays.

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