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#TSLBeautyReview: The Wellness Co.

Nestled in South Delhi's famous district The Wellness Co. opened doors to a new address in Defence Colony. Located on the third floor the clinic welcomes you with a gentle reminder to make yourself a priority and focus on holistic well-being. From IV therapy to red light treatments, fitness and beauty consults the clinic is a one-stop-shop for all things wellness.

At the clinic, some of the services they offer include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Red light therapy, Cryo EMS, Aesthetic treatments, IV Wellness, Genetic testing, Cryo Therapy & Fitness. With soothing interiors that are minimalistic and in tones of white, brown, beige and blue, The Wellness Co. oozes vibes that are calming for the mind body and soul.

Each treatment in the clinic has a dedicated space and upon entering you will be greeted by a warm and hospitable team. Start your wellness journey with a glass of lemon, cucumber and orange-infused water.

As a first step, you are required to fill in a form so stating your problem areas and basic information so that the therapies can be custom-made to suit you best. During my visit, I tried the express Cryo penguin facial which was painless, quick and refreshing and red light therapy.

Cryo Penguin Facial

A 10-minute treatment the cryo penguin facial works to close pores, reduce inflammation, treat acne and help with the production of collagen. At - 160 degrees, the therapist uses a tool that throws out extremely cold air on your skin. It left my pores closed and worked on my acne, inflammation and collagen production to make my skin feel tighter and more toned. The therapists at the clinic are welcoming and accurately understand your concerns to help serve you better.

Red Light Therapy

At The Wellness Co, Red Light Therapy can be taken in 2 distinct forms. Each of our clinics is equipped with a Red Light Panel room which consists of 9 panels placed around the room to provide full coverage for our clients. The other method available is the Red Light/Collagen bed which has light placements both above and below the surface.

I tried the bed version of red light therapy that I personally found it a lot better than the sitting version. However, if you’re closter phobic go in for the standing version. My muscles felt calm and relaxed post the session. It is non-invasive; there's no downtime and few side effects. It helps with a range of skin disorders, including acne, inflammation, and ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it works on almost all skin types and tones.

Overall after my visit with the warm and hospitable staff, I felt rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed! Here's a little sneak from my visit!

Address: E-14, Chauhan Vithi Rd, Block E, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, 110024


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