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The Quarter Reopens in South Mumbai

Emerging from a short break, The Quarter has reopened in Mumbai and it breathes new life into the vibrant heart of South Mumbai. Nestled amidst the bustling streets and historic architecture of South Mumbai it offers a unique blend of heritage, art, and gastronomy that beckons both locals and tourists alike.

Stepping into The Quarter the contemporary interiors define Mumbai's cosmopolitan character in an earthy colour tone, while the outdoor patio is a celebration of greenery with twinkling fairylights that add a romantic allure. With both outdoor and indoor seating options, The Quarter caters to varied preferences, ensuring that guests can immerse themselves in the atmosphere that suits them best. The highlight of this revival is the introduction of live music every weekend, setting the stage for unforgettable evenings filled with melodious tunes and culinary delights.

Moreover, The Quarter's culinary landscape is a gastronomic delight waiting to be explored. Adding to its allure, The Quarter presents a unique dining experience with its delectable pasta and mouthwatering Napolitano pizzas, crafted to perfection and synonymous with the restaurant's culinary excellence. Make sure you order the Radish Carpaccio, Seabass Acqua Pazza with tomatoes, Ravioli of Ricotta, Herbed Butter, Sage, Mushrooms. But the excitement doesn't end there. A distinctive cocktail menu, curated by an award-winning mixologist, awaits guests, offering a symphony of flavours to complement their culinary journey.

Owner Nico Goghavala said, "We are thrilled to welcome our patrons back to The Quarter. As The Quarter reopens its doors, we invite you to indulge in the enchanting notes of weekend live music, elevating your dining experience. With each dish crafted with passion, and every melody resonating with

warmth, we're not just reopening; we're creating a symphony and we can't wait to share our new offerings and ambiance with our cherished guests.”


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