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Sarah Todd Comes Back to India After a Decade with Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen, Goa

A Culinary Oasis Amidst Goa's Historic Ruins

Arushi Sakhuja

Nestled in Goa’s Vagator is a new Sanctuary; one that brings together food, nature and the rustic charm of 250-year-old ruins. Hyderabad's Culinary Gem, Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen, extends its legacy to Goa, bringing forth a rich tapestry of culinary expertise. Guided by the culinary prowess of Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd and the mixology finesse of Agnieszka and Louness from Stories and Spirits, it harmoniously amalgamates global comfort fare with echoes of Hyderabad's culinary heritage. Canopied with a vast green landscape including over 8,000 trees, quaint meandering pathways, a boutique and multiple indoor and outdoor dining spaces, this sanctuary offers a serene and inviting ambiance.

Stepping to space, guests are greeted by a sprawling green landscape dotted with diverse flora, juxtaposed against the aged ruins. From the organic integration of tree roots into the ruins' walls to the contemporary outdoor dining area nestled beside a pristine Portuguese villa, the design pays homage to its historical backdrop, providing an immersive dining experience. Conceived by Gokul Krishna, the Sanctuary spans nearly an acre, accommodating over 350 guests comfortably. Notably, the construction process prioritized preservation, with over 8,000 trees planted to enrich the lush surroundings. Beyond the grand entrance, guests encounter a meticulously restored 150-year-old villa, further enhancing the venue's allure.

Moving to the interiors and architecture, the sanctuary's architecture captivates with bars adorning each corner and eclectic artworks adorning the walls, infusing the space with a vibrant ambiance. Carefully curated artwork, ranging from culturally significant pieces to whimsical origami, alongside sustainable lighting, adds to the venue's charm. The interior is thoughtfully divided into distinct rooms, each exuding its own atmosphere. From the bustling family dining area and the indoor bar to a more intimate dining space accommodating over 40 guests and a supervised kids' room within the villa, the sanctuary ensures an inclusive dining experience for families. "We are thrilled to unveil Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen to Goa," says Rohan Gutta, Co-Founder of Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen. "Our vision is to create a sanctuary where guests can indulge in exquisite cuisine, sip on artisanal cocktails and immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of Goa. We're excited to bring our unique blend of global comfort food with a touch of Hyderabad's culinary flair to this vibrant coastal destination. Our goal is to celebrate its rich gastronomic traditions while pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity."

Culinary Executive and Brand Ambassador, Chef Sarah Todd, infuses the menu with local flair, sourcing ingredients from the land and sea to echo the ambiance of the space. She wanted to bring the ambiance of the space into the menu, "We incorporated a lot of that earthiness and brought in a lot of local produce and seafood. Being in Goa, the menu was inspired by the land and the sea."On the menu you can find an array of dishes including Hot N Spicy Chicken Wings with hot Toddy Ghost Chilli, Beetroot Tartare, Watermelon Salad Cucumber and Feta, salad Soba Noodles, Balchao Tagliatelle with Prawn Beef Casoulet, Chicken Roulade, Peruvian Style Morning Glory, Lime Rice, Dal Makhani with Indian Breads, Potatoes with Spicy Chili Lime Dip Iceberg and Quinoa Cos Salad with Avocado. For a sweet ending opt for the Mango Parfait, Chocolate Crumb or the Australian Lamington Chocolate, Coconut and Strawberry. Diners also have the pleasure of indulging in her offerings like the fan favourite Xacuti Crab Cakes, Kokum Salsa, the innovative and fun Chicken Kiev Cafreal Bites, Cafreal Dip, Fenni Pickled Zucchini, the Jaggery Glazed Carrots and more.

But the experience doesn't end with the cuisine. After enjoying the delicious food, guests can choose to relax with a drink in the indoor bar room or opt for a more open and airy atmosphere in the Ruin Bar. The Ruin Bar is built using natural materials like bamboo and is located behind 250-year-old ruins. There are many innovative cocktails to choose from, such as the Clear Picante which is made with tequila silver, agave syrup, chilli tincture, coriander, lime, and clarified milk. Another popular drink is Its Peanut’s Thyme, which is made with bourbon, peanut butter, vermouth rosso, passionfruit, thyme, clarified milk, jaggery syrup, and lemon.

By day, a tranquil retreat; by night, a lively gathering spot, The Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen offers an unparalleled dining experience. While words may attempt to capture its essence, true appreciation awaits those who embark on a visit to this culinary gem during their next sojourn to Goa.


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