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The Present Is Female: Taking Inspiration From These Incredible Women!

The new decade is all about women - women from all walks of life - its about coming together as a community, celebrating every women for who they are and acknowledging the fact that women are world leaders. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of independent, powerful, wonderful and incredible women around us who are changing the world and making it a better place. Take a moment and look around you, you will be sure to find a number of inspiring women whether they’re your friends, family, or colleagues who are go-getters.

Today, 8th March, is known as International Women's Day, so let's dedicate this day to women who stand up for what they believe in without fear. The ideal “unapologetic woman” has the power to make a difference in her life and the lives of those around her. This is International Women’s Day lets throw light on the changing power roles where women are coming out as achievers in their own right, and lets take a moment to reflect on the progress to be made in the future.

Women are not only taking over the top spots at MNC's, but are also leading the way in new innovative and creative fields. From digital marketing agencies to top designers, event planners, fitness enthusiasts, bakers and top influencers these women are on fire. Not only are they making the country proud, but they're making every woman proud with their achievements.

We caught up with some of the most inspiring and incredible women of India to know what it feels like to be a woman in 2020 while throwing light on what inspired them to start their careers. These leading ladies also had a piece of advise with all your beautiful women out there to help you pursue your dreams and achieve greater heights. Women have an identity of their own, so it's time we show the world what we've got cause the future is female and it's all about embracing the spirit of being one!

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Creative Head, Jewellery by Riddhima Kapoor Sahni

"This International Women’s Day campaign -draws attention to the difference individuals can make. For an equal world, invests in women 's education, give them equal opportunities and encourage them to dream."

Sasha Grewal, Co-Founder, Outhouse Jewellery

"2020 for me is alll About RISING and taking the dream to the next level . The 7 year journey of building outhouse has really helped me become the woman I am and there would have been no other way that I would’ve love to have learnt it through .

All my fellow community , my only guidance to you is REALLY go out there and live your dreams , there is so much joy in listening to your heart and it all falls in line when you keep being passionate and consistent and conquer each day to its fullest , it’s the way forward to going up the ladder to success."

Sumaya Dalmia, Fitness Expert

"Women inspire women!! Follow your instinct and your passion will steer the path."

Dr. Kiran Sethi, Dermatologist & Founder, Isya Derm​

"Do that which gives you purpose. Ignore any naysayers or those that try to bring you down- they only are reacting to their own wounds. Instead, take their feedback- use what you need from it, and continue on our own path. God has given us one life to fulfill our own purposes- don’t waste it- live it!"

Carolina Scheufele, Artistic Director & Co-President, Chopard

"She is very versatile. The ideal Chopard woman has a sparkle in her eye and a gift for seizing the moment. She is radiant, spontaneous and independent."

Neha Lidder, Founder, Platoon Advisory

"In 2020 all the girls out there need to have self belief! For me in 2020 I want to launch into new adventures both professionally and personally. This year I want to bring my A game on in the gym and at PLATOON advisory.  I grew up in a gender neutral home and that build a strong foundation of self belief. My mother, an army wife, was a working woman and believed in equality for women. For me being an independent woman was part of my DNA. LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR. It always does so take the risks you want to both personally and professionally. Also know that life is both up and down. Ups make you conquer the world and lows build your character."

Shibani Bhagat and Tanisha Rahimtoola Agarwal, Co-founders, CURATO

"Being a woman in 2020 means being independent, self-sufficient and unapologetically yourself. Women are relentless with high emotional intelligence which makes them a force to reckon with as an entrepreneur. They not only have the ability to lead with power and compassion but also have the ability to change lives along the way, so every woman who believes can achieve."

Sumiran Kashyap, Luxury Writer & Content Communicator

"Being a woman in 2020 is about transforming grit into grace. It’s about looking back on one’s personal journey with pride, but also humility and gratitude. It’s about understanding that masculinity and femininity must learn to coexist in  mutually respectful  harmony. It’s about owning a strong EQ - Emotional Quotient - as much as a strong IQ. Being a woman in 2020 is being able to tell people why they can only come so far with you and no further; and that ‘no’ is an acceptable answer in many more contexts than we’ve been programmed to believe.

I was out to build  a career in my early 20s, or so I thought. Certain life experiences inspired me to think along the lines of a purpose and a calling; and I restarted my career growth along those lines. I’m currently in the most inspired phase of my career.

Sadly, there’s no dearth of women who derive immense satisfaction from making other women second-guess themselves, or from hampering their medium-to-long progress by making life hell for them on a daily basis. Should you come across such women, don’t engage with them. If you find they can’t be helped because they don’t wish to be helped, then wish them well in your prayers and move on."

Sonam Pall, Co-Founder, The S & S Trunk Show

"​ ​Women are the pillars of our society. From nurturing mothers to supportive wives to dutiful daughters, they play many roles. Being a woman in this century has further widened our responsibilities.. we now are at the forefront of many industries. We are now empowered more than ever. On a lighter note- we can do whatever men can, that too in heels​. ​ ;)

I would say its ambition. The drive to want to create an identity for yourself and make your own mark. Where the will is strong, there will always be a way. Once you are determined, its only about finding your calling.

As women your challenges will always be a little more than men. Take it with a pinch of salt, and forge ahead. Dont let anyone dull your sparkle​. "​

Zina & Zoya Singh, Bloggers, Touch and Be

"Being a woman in 2020 means that the work I put in myself in being strong emotionally and physically, I should carry that on and educate people on the same. Also to care less of others opinions. What inspired us to start our career was the love of fashion, art and culture alike. A piece of advice- own your self and don't hide who you are. Be proud of yourself."

Elisha Saigal, Founder & CEO, El Sol Strategic Consultants

"Being a woman in 2020 means, taking chances and being instrumental in farming the path to a better socio- economic future for the generations to follow. We are the seeds to the tree called future

Always been the one to take the road less travelled, my decision to branch out was to be a decision shaper and my team and I do that in a small way.

Dream, believe, work hard to achieve but do with a conscious soul."

Nirja Dutt, Luxury Content Creator

"Be bright, be beautiful and be bold always, everything else will fall in place automatically."

Bindu Vadera, Head Interiors, Tahiliani Homes

"It has been a long journey from being a young woman with ambitions to a leading businesswoman. I am a firm believer in the fact that success doesn’t happen overnight. Entrepreneurship itself presents new challenges every day; it demands constant hard work and enthusiasm. However, it is a little harder for women entrepreneurs to make space for themselves in the male-dominated industry. They have to prove themselves at every point. I will give the same advice I have always followed - to have faith in yourself and do not give up on your dreams. Have a clear understanding of your goals and always remember 'you are your biggest supporter!"

Bhumika Sharma, Fashion Designer

"I’ve grown up watching my mother run a successful business of her own and she’s always been  very independent, ambitious and career oriented. The importance of working and having your own identity has been taught to me by her. I’ve always been a very creative person and had a great inclination towards fabrics, embroideries, colours and everything related to fashion and knew I wanted to be a fashion designer.

One advice I’d like to give all women out there is to always follow your dreams and heart and let nothing stop you to do something constructive with your life. Nothing compares to the satisfaction and pride that a woman feels when she builds her own identity and it is very important for one’s mental and emotional well-being​. "​

Vidushi Sharma, Co-Founder, Truffle & Co

"Being a woman in 2020 for me is to just be my authentic self, the right to choose how to lead life on my own terms without the pressures of society & following any archaic principles. Very few people are blessed as I am to convert their passion into their career and I would encourage every woman out there to do just that. Savour the process of creating your own identity and make a niche for yourself but don’t forget who you are on the way!"

Dr. Pooja Chhabra, Trichologist & Co-founder Nuskay Skincare

"The future of women entrepreneurship in India is changing now, however slow & steady but the change is evident. Women-owned firms are less as of now, but it is growing against all the odds and challenges. However, it is still a difficult road. The challenges as a women entrepreneur in a patriarchal industry were slightly further heightened. For me, initially, it was challenging to get a foothold in what is still essentially a boy’s club, to have access to funding and to be taken seriously defying the convention ‘women lack entrepreneurship skills’. But I've never thought of myself as a ‘woman’ entrepreneur, rather just as an entrepreneur, who also happens to be a woman. My persistence has made me who I am today - confident and a force to be reckoned with. I acknowledge small victories and always try to be focused and optimistic. My advice for budding female entrepreneurs is to understand and remind herself that she cannot let the society decide her priorities, and she has to be strong and audacious enough to prioritize her career, choices and her way of life over everything. One should keep reminding herself to have thick skin and not let the stress get onto them."

Jessica Singh, Founder & Director, Stanley Communications

"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. We believ and stand by this and each other at Stanley Communications."

Julia Carmen De Sa, Chef and Co-owner, TRES Restaurant

"We live in a man’s world. While difficult to accept, it is a stone-cold fact that puts women at a certain disadvantage of facing gender bias and stereotypes. Being a woman in a predominantly man’s world is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Today, we have women excelling in every field, despite all the odds stacked against them.   I feel having a winning attitude and knowing how to handle situations matters a lot. My advice to all women out there is to have faith and believe in themselves and their skill sets. Do not fear failures. Have a clear vision of where you want to be and work hard for it without any excuses."

Reshmi Dey, Founder, Glass Sutra

"A woman entrepreneur must dare to dream and live each dream with head held high. Nothing can stop a woman from achieving her dreams but herself. So, one should never give up."

Eishita Puri, Founder, Eurumme

"Its an absolute joy and privilege being a woman. Womanhood to me is symbolic of strength, courage and power. As a jewelry designer and a proud  woman, I wanted to create pieces that make the wearer feel comfortable, beautiful and powerful. My two bits advice to all women: let's support each other and help each other grow. We don't need anything else if we have each others back!"

Nandeeta Manchandaa, Founder, Enns Closet

"I think being a female means I'm embodying strength every morning when I wake up. As a woman I feel extremely strong, capable and worthy even in the face of a world that doesn’t seem to think so. I do hope that one day gender roles and gender intself is completely irrelevant. I've always believed that today, the ‘ups’ in my career are only because of the ‘downs’ that I've fought against and that has been my success mantra. I've made it a point to be surrounded by a passionate and a fervent team that backs Enn’s closet like their own child. I, as an entrepreneur have zero tolerance for incompetence and believe that age and maturity are reciprocally exclusive and that's what I'd like every woman to practice personally as well as professionally. I've always been a beauty aficionado and stood by my dreams nd aspirations to familiarized people with the significance of natural and chemical free lifestyle. A few years ago I was hrtbroken by the news of my closest friend suffering from Skin cancer and felt had an unwavering urge to change the mindset of consumers to opt for natural and chemical free substitutes for their skin and food choices. That's how Enn was born and there has been no looking back since then."

Mehar and Roselyn, Co-Founders, Méro

"Our advice to all the women out there is to follow your dreams no matter how small or big they are. We all come from backgrounds where we’ve seen our mothers lose their identity in order to make ours, it’s a tradition that’s been followed for ages but being girls of today we truly believe that we have the blessing of choice where we can form our own identities independent of our family and that is something each woman of today should pursue."

Nimrit Gill, Founder & Head Designer, Malasa

"I feel women in today’s day and age should have the ability to feel empowered and confident, having your own career and being financially independent makes you realise your own self worth. I know that I can count on myself to deal with any situation that comes my way! So I think all women should be proud of their accomplishments, nothing is too big or too small."

All we can say is - Who Run The World? GIRLS!


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