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These 6 Restaurants in Goa Will Make You Want to Book a Flight Right Now

Goa is overrated, they said. Not until they’ve had a taste of our picks taking you on a culinary journey in style. Defined as the party capital of India, Goa is moving beyond the notion with culinary pop-ups that are becoming the most sought-after in the country. The home for Goan excellences, a space that attracts the best of personalities, and the ones that truly understand storytelling through food is a destination called Goa. The shacks and restaurants situated by the beach capital are influenced by the nightlife, history of the place, and the ever-changing palettes of the visitors that flock here every season.

A fusion of beautiful sunsets, cold water hitting the shores, and your cocoon of breathtaking and delicious feasts that consist of rich flavours and cocktails that pair perfectly with every bite. Goa to me is a space where you can let loose, and let your taste buds have a party with only the best of cuisines, drinks and nightlife. 

If you are making your way to Goa, your taste buds are in for a treat. The Style List has created a list of six newly opened restaurants that should be on your radar. Not only do they ace their plate game, but the ambience does justice to the landscape of Goa. From picturesque locales by the beach to an oasis in the heart of the tropical paradise.


Tikitii is one of Morjim’s beach's newest restaurants in goa that sits on the coastline with stunning sea views. Bringing home Mexico’s finest cuisine with a touch of global dishes, curated by celebrity chef Shantanu Gupte, Tikiti’s menu is an ode to sea life. Experience the most magical sundowner, with musical performances surrounded by driftwood accents and woven rattan furniture. 

The dessert and cocktail menu definitely has us in all the Mexican feels. The names and concoctions successfully impart the relaxed, party, and Goan culture, to the brim. This is your sign, to head to Tikiti and experience Mexico and India in its most authentic form.

TSL Recommends (Dishes to try): Mexican-inspired burgers, Pan-Seared Scallops, Brown Munde Chic Chic. Among desserts, definitely go for the Pineapple Empanadas and Tiki Ti Tiramisu.


A retreat that is inspired by the coastlines of the Chapora River, ISSA is Goa’s token to gastronomy, art and tradition. When the space around radiates essence and innovation, this culinary destination peaks high up on the experience radiator. The menu is a stunning fusion of European dishes, with the use of exclusively imported ingredients for the most flavorful and intimate conversation ever. ISSA is a space for refined dining complemented by beige and lamp decor, ash wood furnishings, and verdant foliage. With a blend of global inspirations and creative product placements,  this is a space for the elevation of cuisine. A culinary journey that celebrates avant-garde dishes as well as creative takes on some classic dishes. A culmination of the perfect location, jaw-dropping ambience and richness that comes through the food, is what makes ISSA a place you need to be.

TSL Recommends (Dishes to try): Goan Rice Bowl, Catch Of The Day, Butternut Squash and Turnip Roast, Baked Brie and Grapes, Basque Cheesecake.


The search for the perfect Goan x Japanese haven ends here. Nami, an Izakaya and Sake Bar, located in Assagao, is a fine dining restaurant. Situated within a 142-year-old bungalow which was then converted into a restaurant, it focuses on the Izakaya style of dining. Chef Vijay Rai whips up the best seafood dishes, in bowls and platters of exquisite flavours. The dark interiors contribute to the complete experience. The hot serving of ramen and sushi with exquisite meats enhances and elevates dining at this spot, called Nami. The selection of cocktails and sake leaves a highly impressionable note on the minds of the guests. 

TSL Recommends (Dishes to try): Sashimi Plates, Sushis, Ramen Bowls, Gyoza and Sake Infused Cocktails. Don’t forget to stop by the Live Robata Grill.


Within the same bungalow where Nami resides, is an extremely chic contemporary Mediterranean restaurant, Amour. This indoor-outdoor retreat serves delicious European delicacies, infused with the flavours of Kolkata, taking your taste buds on an immersive journey..Amour situated in the coastal kingdom of India, brings to you the best of seafood delights, with a touch of Anglo-Indian, Indian, and Mediterranean excellences. A culmination of rich desserts, cocktails and the ambience takes you to a location of unparalleled experiences. Amour is a spot we highly recommend when it comes to truly appreciating the art of food and the stories it brings along with it.

TSL Recommends (Dishes to try): Prawns Moilee, Beef Carpaccio, Amour Tenderloin Steak, Fish Orly Burger, Truffle Oil Rigatoni, and All their Cocktails. 

Second House

This is one of the talked about places in Goa and a visit is incomplete with a stop at Second House. A space that holds the charm of the village and today’s modern designs, Second House is truly what its name says. Housed within a conservatory, it has everything you might need - right from a library to a gathering deck. The vast menu choices can take you from a bibimbap to a grilled catch of the day, to burrata, and this is what makes this stunning house an absolute treat to the senses, and varied taste buds. This is an oasis that is situated away from the life of the usual party side of Goa. The attention to detail when it comes to its ambience, design, food and cocktails is truly refreshing. Oh! And the cocktails, they aren’t worth missing.

TSL Recommends (Dishes to try): Start with PT&G, Salmon Toast, Not So Balchao, T.S.H Beef Burger, and Coffee and Cream.


Housed within a 150-year-old Portuguese Villa, Taupe is the newest addition to Goan gastronomical experiences. Signifying a testament to flavour and tradition, combining the rich diversity of Goa and the enduring Indian cuisine. The mastermind behind Titlie and Barfly, chef Tarum Sibal adds notes about the menu, “Taupe offers a culinary experience that seamlessly blends Modern Indian cuisine with comfort, creating a taste-forward and timeless dining experience that resonates with both local diners and international guests. Taupe is easy and accommodating in style, bold and vibrant in flavour, evocative and nostalgic in concept.” The cocktails are designed to complement the dishes on the menu. While the interiors provide an imaginative and tranquil experience, the complete dining section. Taupe aims to be a space that offers gourmet casuals, comfort, opulence and elegance, all in one setting.

TSL Recommends (Dishes to try): Burrata Papdi Chaat, Mutton Korma, Tawa Meat, and Dal Kurchan Chaat. From the drinks menu, we have the Etonnica and Swizzle, Parpa Road Colada, and Banana Caramel Milk Punch.

Goa is a destination that combines the power of the sea, and the creativity of chefs to whip up the best of the dishes and help provide culinary stories to every traveller that greets their doors. These 6 amazing spots are an amalgamation of thought, personality, culture, tradition and a whole lot of experimentation. The land of beaches does bring one thing to life, apart from the delicious seafood, it’s the remarkable presence.


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