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Surily Goel Returns To The Runway With ISLA

By Arushi Sakhuja

Fashion designer Surily Goel has made quite a splash in her field since she started out on her own. Her creative process revolves around three key elements: Travel, Architecture, and Nature, which heavily influence her designs and Bollywood styling. Since her debut at Lakme Fashion Week in 2006, she has drawn inspiration from her global travels, incorporating elements from various cultural landscapes into her creations.

Fueled by her love for travel and free-spirited nature, Surily Goel infuses her works with the essence of her adventures. Each piece in her collection captures the essence of different cities, presented with a modern flair. Her latest masterpiece combines the traditional Rajasthani patterns of Bandhani and tie-dye with the captivating beauty of Bhutan and Mallorca. Travelling serves as a vital source of renewal and inspiration for her.

Surily Goel believes that clothing should not only enhance one's appearance but also uplift their mood and mindset. She endeavours to achieve this for her esteemed clientele, including A-list celebrities, by focusing on simplicity and elegance in her designs. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with numerous Bollywood movies and television shows, showcasing her dedication to her craft and her ability to adapt to diverse creative environments.

On February 17, in a triumphant return to the runway after a decade, the illustrious designer Surily Goel unveiled her latest masterpiece, the ISLA collection to celebrate her 20th anniversary. Collaborating seamlessly with Samira Habitat and PEAKLIFE, the fashion extravaganza unfolded at the transformed Mandwa Jetty in Alibaug. Speaking about the collection Goel said, “ISLA is all about resort wear, destination weddings, pearls and diamonds and feeling beautiful.” Featuring pastel hues punctuated with bright bold colours and accents, the collection showcases ghagras, kaftans, structured blazers, skirts with skits, sequins, sheer jumpsuits and more all while being young and easy. Playful silhouettes embellished with mirror work and pearls were a highlight while bows were incorporated in the form of hair accessories.

Drawing inspiration from sun-kissed shores and the rhythmic dance of waves, Isla serves as your passport to a realm of flowy, luxurious, bohemian fashion, from Kaftans to sparkling embellishments, pearl detailing and ghagras, the collection champions the warmth and colours of spring. Staying true to the brand's vision of a voyage towards sun-soaked destinations and dreamy escapes, the colour palette featured coral pinks, ivory whites, and turquoise blues that effortlessly evoke the magic of coastal evenings. Adding glamour to the pieces, each garment is adorned with exquisite embellishments that mirror the treasures of the ocean think diamonds, pearls, lace, and crochet. On the runway, we spotted bright reds, ombre tones, kaftans, mirror-work detailing, cropped jackets, fringe pants and modern iterations of the saree. What's more? Each embellishment narrates a story, reminiscent of treasures washed ashore by the gentle caress of tides, paying homage to craftsmanship inspired by seaside traditions and seamlessly blending with the free-spirited vibe of boho glamour.

Tailored for destination weddings and romantic getaways, each piece is a poetic celebration of the ocean's embrace and the boundless freedom of the beach. The runway also served high on the celebrity quotient as Pragya Kapoor, Seema Khan, Mozez Singh and Vasuki Sunkavalli modelled for the designer. Closing the show was the young and forever radiant, showstopper Shanaya Kapoor. She donned an ethereal ivory and mirror work lehenga and bustier, ideal for summer destination weddings.


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