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Liquid Gold, The IT Trend For SS'24

From clothing to accessories, metallics have never looked so luxurious. Liquid Gold is the IT trend this season.

By Aashumi Mahajan, Niyoshi Shah, Co-Founders of The Luxe Maison

Gold has undergone a transformative shift this season, adopting a sleek and fluid appearance on runways such as Ralph Lauren, Roksanda, and Di Petsa. From elegantly draped gowns to party-ready attire, designers like Tove, Alberta Ferretti, and Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood showcased myriad ways to infuse a Midas touch into your wardrobe for spring/summer 2024. Designers like Prabal Gurung used clever textures to make metallics come alive. This liquid gold or molten trend isn't limited to fashion; it's making waves in the beauty industry with futuristic eye makeup gaining popularity.


The movement toward molten metals gained momentum in 2021 with the introduction of mismatched earrings by Area, Marine Serre, and Dior. This departure from conventional jewellery paved the way for creativity in design, leading to an increase in mixed metal jewellery, unique materials like beads and shells, and a growing interest in baroque-shaped pearls. The molten or puffed look, while rooted in metal, offers a distinctive and conversation-worthy aesthetic, meeting the consumer demand for creativity. While classic gold hoops remain timeless, the allure of natural-derived shapes draws attention. Golden jewellery, from earrings to curved bangles, offers an of-the-moment styling option this season.


In terms of fashion, liquid lamé takes centre stage, embracing movement and modernity. Silver, with its mercurial qualities, complements the molten trend, offering a less ostentatious alternative to gold.

Shine, more subtle than glitter yet more captivating than matte, exudes simplicity with unabashed glamour. Its vitality and allure make it a timeless favourite, with associations dating back to Hollywood's golden era. Today, designers reinvent molten luminosity using synthetic materials or coloured aluminium, ensuring its continued relevance. Kim Kardashian, in her Skims swimwear collection, introduced sleek rose gold, silver, and gold pieces that seemingly meld to the body, showcasing the enduring appeal of molten shine in contemporary fashion.

On The Runway

In the industry, expect an even broader embrace of this trend. Designers are set to push boundaries further, introducing dresses in silver and futuristic colours paired with robot-inspired accessories. This innovative spirit extends to materials, with metallic gold seamlessly integrated with alternative fabrics like denim or leather. The fashion landscape is evolving dynamically, and this molten metals trend represents a bold step towards redefining luxury and self-expression in the industry. Stay tuned for more industry updates as this trend continues to captivate the fashion world.

Alexandre Vauthier's collections stand out with their provocative body-con lamé, luxurious gilded prints, and impeccably crafted high-sheen tailoring. The designer's unique aesthetic brings forth a bold and alluring fusion of sensuality and sophistication. In contrast, Giorgio Armani Privé takes a haute couture approach to metallics, consistently delivering refined and elegant creations. The brand's commitment to sophistication is evident in its stricter silhouettes, tailored with precision and adorned with high-sheen fabrics. The focus on clear formal occasionwear further elevates the collection, showcasing a harmonious blend of luxury and timeless style. Both designers contribute to the allure of metallics in the fashion landscape, each with their distinct interpretation and mastery, setting the stage for a dazzling and sophisticated sartorial experience.

L-R: Ralph Lauren, Bulmaire, Tove

From head to golden toes, Schiaparelli's ready-to-wear is a captivating exercise in bringing everyday fashion to vivid and surprising life. Each element, down to the smallest detail, is a carefully crafted piece of bijoux, echoing the house's iconic symbols from both past and present – the keyhole, padlock, eye, nipple, and dove.

L-R: Giorgio Armani Privé, Elsa Schiaparelli, Alexandre Vauthier

Continuing the brand's rich legacy, the measuring tape motif, initially introduced by Elsa Schiaparelli twined around a bust-shaped perfume bottle for her iconic perfume "Shocking," now adorns the edges of everyday tailored jackets and opulent going-out blouses. This thoughtful incorporation of house iconography infuses each garment with a touch of history and artistry, transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary visual and tactile experience. Schiaparelli's gilded ready-to-wear not only dresses the body but also narrates a story of innovation and symbolic elegance.

In conclusion, the enduring charm of sequins, lamé, and metallic treatments continues to revolve within fashion's trend orbit, experiencing a renewed resurgence as Paris eagerly anticipates the 2024 Summer Olympics. The runway spectacle was not only a celebration of shimmering elements but also a testament to the timeless allure of these fashion staples. With supermodels like Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer gracing the catwalks in liquid gold gowns and sinuously draped chainmail, respectively, the convergence of high fashion and modern elegance became palpable. As these luminaries sashayed through the fashion landscape, they not only showcased the trends of the moment but also added an iconic touch to the ongoing narrative of spring fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of style.


Mahajan, Niyoshi Shah, Co-Founders of The Luxe Maison

The Luxe Maison, has a new repertoire of couture designers e-tailing from their website. Touted as Asia's fastest-growing designer destination, The Luxe Maison was launched by sisters  Ms. Aashumi Mahajan and Ms Niyoshi Shah, and provides a global platform to niche designers from couture capitals like Paris, New York, London, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Turkey, India, Japan, Australia and brings their couture artistry to the forefront. The website highlights a collection that is not just trendy but is unusual, unique, crafted using traditional techniques by local artisans and will appeal to the fashion-forward millennials globally.


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