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Fine Dine Like The Kardashians: A List Of Their Go-To Restaurants

Because when you dine out, you might as well do it like a main character! By Shubhangi Thakur

A little bit of bling, a little bit of glamour, and a lot of luxe fine dining restaurants, The Kardashians for sure know how to live a life like the stars. Living a modern life is all ritzy-glitzy, but the challenge gets real when it comes to 'Keeping up with the Kardashians.' Their inevitable social media presence and their reality show empire make us want to live teeny-tiny bits of their lives. Everyone at one point in time has probably drooled over their Instagram posts at their favourite restaurants while they flaunted some of the most scrumptious dishes. No matter where the fashion moguls are jetting off for work or vacation, you will surely spot them at the most celebrated restaurants at their chosen location. So, next time when you plan to splurge on food, you can take cues from the Kardashians. After all, all of us are closeted fans of the Kardashians; we can deny retaining the coolness, but stalking their fine dining choices is a guilty pleasure. So, if you want to add their fine-dine establishments to your list, scroll ahead.  


Image: Star Diamond Award

Ever wondered where Kris Jenner spent her evenings? We will spill the secret for you, and it was at Craig's. From upscale to vegan specialties, this American restaurant in Los Angeles is famous for its fluffy pancakes, Jalapeño Cheddar Grits, and, of course, Kris's presence with Corey Gamble. Even though the restaurant is American, it exhibits the influence of different cultures from around the world, be it Italian, Latin, or French. 


Image: Desiron

Let's relive Kourtney's romantic date nights with Scott at Koi, a modern and luxurious restaurant with interpretations of Japanese cuisine. With an abundance of mouth-watering dishes, this Japanese restaurant in New York offers a chic surrounding. Its famous dishes like Koi Crispy Rice and The Kobe Beef Filet Mignon Toban-Yaki sets a sophisticated dining experience. So, next time when you are in New York, witness a culinary masterpiece at Koi like Kourtney Kardashian does.


Image: Nobu Restaurants

If it's Kardashian-approved, it's glamorous and delicious, and that's why we have Nobu on the list. Nobu's restaurants are across the US to mesmerize everyone with Japanese and Peruvian flavours. The gala family gathering of the Kardashians used to take place in this glam restaurant, and they made it known through their famous reality show. The elite ambiance and futuristic designs of the restaurant are other reasons why the Kardashians loved splurging for their sensory feast in Nobu. 


Image: Carousel

Apart from exceptional outfits, Kim Kardashian loves Carousel. The fashion mastermind celebrated her 37th birthday at this Armenian restaurant with some unmissable Lebanese food. Not famous for glitz and glam, but the restaurant is known for its Armenian flare. Its traditional kebabs and pizzas are the focal elements reflecting the authentic Middle Eastern influence. With belly dancers adding an essence of groove and vintage Armenian decor taking centre stage, you can experience a gastronomic delight. 

The Grill On The Alley

Image: Open Table

The renowned steak house is the Kardashians' favourite for American food. Known for its sophisticated take, this restaurant is Kourtney's forever love. Its salads and seafood menu is made to satiate every taste palette. But that's not it, the smooth martini is a blend of fresh fruits infused with the sour taste of vodka which elevates the hearty American classics feel of the restaurant. 

The Nice Guy

Courtesy: The Hywood Group

Tucked in the heart of West Hollywood, The Nice Guy pays homage to an era of Mafia bars and that's all the more reason for the reality royal family to be obsessed with it. The rusty aesthetic and dimly lit lanterns cater to modern Italian dishes, hence an amalgamation of sensual and graceful. So, whenever the Kardashians-Jenners are in the mood for gourmet food or meatballs in spicy tomato sauce, The Nice Guy is at the top of their list. 

So, if you ever need good fine dining recommendations, you can always rely on the Kardashians. From stunning mafia to chic restaurants, you're likely to run into a Kardashian at one of these restaurants. Now, get ready to magnify your exquisite culinary journey.


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