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Celeb Approved Ways To Nail Tone-On-Tone Dressing!

The Spring Summer'19 runway brought with it a refreshing take on tone-on-tone dressing in the form of sharp tailoring and boxy silhouettes. From bright orange to electric blue, neon pinks and fiery reds, everyone is waiting to experiment with a variety of colours. Dressing head to toe in one colour can make you look chic and sophisticated if mastered in the right way. Whether you chose to pair a bustier with a matching midi skirt, a boxy silhouette pant suit, cinch with a belt bag or a slip dress with thigh boots, we suggest it's time to come on board with the trend. Here's our celeb approved edit on how to work the look this season.

1. Sharp Tailoring

One of the easiest ways to master tone-on-tone dressing is tailoring. Choose a matching blazer and trouser set and pair it with the same colour tone slip to make a bold statement.

2. Layering 101

The art of layering never gets old, and tone-on-tone is made easier when you throw on an added layer. For a formal look you can dress up your slip dress with a matching colour trench coat and you're ready to slay the day. If you wish to keep things casual, throw on a matching colour bomber jacket to stay in sync with the athleisure trend.

3. Belt It Up

When it comes to monotone dressing, you can make the look bolder and sharper by pairing separates of the same material. Choose to pair your bustier with a pencil skirt, or play with silhouettes for a more quirky approach. Fashion accessories can save the day when it comes to monotone dressing and these celebrities are proof. Add some oomph to your tone-on-tone outfit with a quirky belt bag in the same hue.

4. A Dressy Affair

It's always fun to add a new twist to your everyday outfits. Taking inspiration from Dior's new look and pair a pleated skirt with a matching skirt to nail the tone-on-tone look. Its sure to make you look royal. Make your outfit more-eye catching as you pair your dress with calf or thigh high boots. So make heads turn with every ensemble.


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