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Sublime and Q By Diviana: A Masterful Symphony of Italian Designs Made In India

Designing a home is often referred to as an extension of your personality, bringing in the need for bespoke pieces. Kapil Chopra founded the ultra-luxury interior store Diviana back in 2009 and today, it has established itself as a brand to reckon with. Located amidst a plethora of luxe design stores, Diviana find its home in the Delhi Design District on M.G. Road.

Diviana's exquisite products and personalized interiors, with their modern, sophisticated aesthetics and emphasis on superior quality, have captured the attention of design enthusiasts. The super luxurious interior design vocabulary of Diviana is characterized by clean and precise definitions, a harmonious interplay of fine materials and rich textures, exquisite finishes with exceptional detailing, and masterful craftsmanship.

The store spans over 12,000 sq ft space and is spread across two levels. As soon as you step inside, you are transported to a world of luxury, extravagance, and modernity. Their interior compositions are exclusive and range from classic to modern, contemporary to luxurious. Kapil Chopra blends the past with the present and the understated with the expressively opulent to create design programs that are as unique as you are.

Kapil Chopra introduced two furniture collections, Sublime and Q, which were designed in Italy by Marco Corti and made in India. His passion for refined aesthetics and belief in India's design potential drove him to create something original rather than simply copying the West. The aim was to design a comprehensive collection that was distinguished in both design and quality to consistently project their value and vision of contemporary living. The collection represents 'rigour, simplicity, and luxury'. All the pieces have been designed with clean lines, a feeling of balance, and attention to quality. Every single detail has been carefully considered, from the soft shapes to the choice of textures and soothing colours. Kapil Chopra explained, "With products as protagonists, we create unforgettable moments, evoking a feeling of connection with the people and space."

As opposed to importing furniture pieces from Italy, Kapil decided to bridge the gap by joining hands with Marco Corti to create an incredibly luxe design language. The two collections speak the language of contemporaneity, modernity and sophistication while tying together European aesthetics and luxurious comfort.

The Sublime Collection by Marco Corti offers over 600 SKUs that range from furniture to home decor. This collection is a prime example of clean and clear design. Unlike modern-day geometrically rigid designs, Marco's collection features soft curves, adding elegance to the pieces. From exquisitely crafted side tables to the use of rounded edges on sofas, chairs, beds, and shelves, every piece in the collection exudes elegance. The exquisite finishing and attention to detail while creating the pieces almost make it seem like they have been simply transported from across the globe. However, the reality is that India is a nation rich in craft, and thus, Diviana deserves accolades for replicating international standards.

The Sublime Collection evokes an environment of elegant luxury and welcoming warmth. Marco draws his design inspiration from Italian architecture and interiors of the '20s and '30s where details had strong reminiscences with the past. "This is my collection, my meaning of style, luxury and friendly beauty; in one word my lifestyle. Citing Baudelaire, my furniture and my interior are close to calm, luxurious and sensual."

Marco has paid attention to the quality of materials ranging from leather to suede and fabric while using simple colours and tailoring details. You will find chairs with armrests that feature intricate leather overlays as well as armrests which have been simply cut out from one solid piece of wood. While the colour palette is neutral and earthy, a corner in the store is dedicated to the bold hue - Maroon – a rather tricky shade to incorporate in interiors. But Marco and Kapil have envisioned this in the best possible way to create masterpieces. Think leather wall panels, a deep maroon console, and a white marble table with structural pillars as the base of the table, each design embodies a European edge.

Lucky to have had a chance to experience the new range, some of the standouts were the Italian arches omnipresent around the store, the walk-in-wardrobe concept, made-in-India sculptural chandeliers and the curvilinear design aesthetic that ran through the entire range.

Q is a remarkable collection of furniture that boasts a strong international personality. The concept behind the collection is centred around three qualities: "Modern, Minimal and Sophisticated." All the pieces feature smooth shapes and powder colours, which lend a distinctive character to each item and contribute to creating a unique identity. These qualities are the driving force behind the realization of every single piece. The collection is designed to create a contemporary ambiance within the domestic environment.

The beauty of these collections is the ease with which you can personalise the fabric and colour, as well as how seamlessly they can integrated into all homes.

The collections are currently on display at the flagship store.  

Address: 369, CRC Building, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Sultanpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110030


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