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Opulin by Sources Unlimited Opens At MG Road, New Delhi

A pinnacle of luxury in home decor. By Arushi Sakhuja

When art, design and luxury come together opulence is created. Someone once told me, "Your home is an extension of your personality, so spend quality time to find pieces that resonate with you." The statement to date, is one that I cherish, and walking into the new Opulin store was the moment I felt in sync with my aesthetic sense.

Opulin by Sources Unlimited is an exquisite venture in the world of luxury home accents, furnishings and art. With a legacy spanning two decades, Sources Unlimited has cultivated a rich experience in introducing top-tier international brands to India. From tasteful ornaments to artistic embellishments, Opulin is dedicated to providing a refined range that resonates with design enthusiasts, homeowners, architects, and interior designers alike. Helmed by Dhara Shroff and Reema Shah, the creative minds behind Opulin, the store is the ultimate stop for all your home needs.

Nestled in the heart of Delhi's home decor and furnishing hub, MG Road, the new Opulin store – much like its name is well,' opulent.' Modern, aesthetically pleasing and ravishing home decor elements come together in harmony at the store that houses over 30 brands under one roof. From statement pieces like glass-blown structures to crockery and cutlery, coffee table books, dining ware, fragrances, bathroom essentials and quirky home decor curios in clay and porcelain. Opulin unites different design genres from Christofle to Baobab, the debut of Maison 21G fragrances (including a WC fresher), Assouline, Labrazel, Kassatex, Decor Walther, Hamam, Bosa, Giobagnara Riviere, Bernardaud, Patrick Hughes, Picasso, Salvatore Dali, Reflections, Alex Wixfeld, Rometti, Gardeco, Moser, Daum and endless others.

Engulfing you with white interiors, the store lets the elements shelved do the talking. Minimalistic interiors are perfectly segregated into sections, but the actual creativity comes out in the visual display of elements. Statement pieces are teamed with coffee table books, a grazing platter was laid out in syn with the crockery, cutlery, serve ware and bar items while a circular shelf in the centre of the store displayed multiple artefacts to give us a sense of the store in a brief display. Simply observing and browsing through the store, enriches your knowledge in interiors giving you a new perspective on how you can mix and match things from the store.

Stepping into the store the white walls and well-illuminated interiors shone bright, I was spellbound when I saw an exquisite curation of modern and contemporary home decor pieces and jewellery boxes as well as an impressive floral arrangement that looked real (except it wasn't).

Entering the store can leave you feeling overwhelmed with the vast variety, and I suggest giving yourself a few minutes to ease into the store. Take a walk around the store to develop your sense of understanding, and then let each corner speak to you and draw you in.

After a quick look around the store, I decided to make my way to the back of the store and also to one of my favourite sections – coffee table books. The section dedicated to Assouline boasts travel and fashion books from iconic designers like Vigil Abloh, Dior, Zuhair Murad and Chanel, and for travel lovers you can find books on Tuscany and Gstaad amongst others. Adjacent to it is the section of fragrances from the well-known brand Baobab to the debut of Maison 21G in India. Maison has a rich array of products from WC freshness to dual candles and dual crayon candles that match your scent to your personality. The artistically placed coffee table books on display with XXL candles are a captivating sight adding colour to the pristine white walls and shelves. On the opposite side is a range of bathroom essentials from robes to towels, dispensers and even pillows and duvets. One often misses out on the smaller details that make a home, and Dhara is able to address the gap with her curation of bathroom accessories. Decor and Walther's back set with Swarovski crystal was one that caught my eye.

Moving further I stumbled upon the section by Bosa which took me back to playful and quirky days. Porcelain scul[ture brought the mundane white walls to life with a dash of fun and colour. From ball-shaped decor items that read Take Time To Smile, to an iconic figure that can even give you a piece of its heart (literally and metaphorically). While some elements were made from coloured glass others displayed the beauty of functional and versatile clay vases that can double up as decor pieces. Presented in a warm, earthy colour palette these can add an earthy touch to your space. On the opposite side was a curation of frames, chess boards, photo frames handcrafted with leather weaves, tissue boxes and other decorative items. Finally, I moved to the front of the store that housed dinnerware, impressive serveware and flatware from Christofle as well as the iconic Egg. One wall was dedicated to artsy home decor pieces made from glass in unconventional designs and poppy colours, while the adjacent wall housed quirky elements and playful colours. This included a spaceship structure that read Tequila, a food bow for dogs and cats that read meow and woof, and other pieces that left me amused.

This space also had a wall dedicated to artificial flowers that looked as good as real. Going a step further, Opulin even allows customers to bring in their vases and their in-house experts are equipped to put together a gorgeous arrangement to suit your aesthetic. The end of the store shelves glass-blown sculptures along with unique and exquisite crystal wear in a plethora of colours. You can spot the use of materials that have been mixed and matched adding freshness to your home decor.

But the highlight of the store for me ought to be the Art Gallery – a space that offers an immersive experience while picking an art piece for your home. Instantly captivated by a European-inspired royal door walking into the art gallery your eyes are brought to life with a sculpture of a man in silver holding a coloured balloon with paintings on either side. That's not all. Just when you thought it couldn't get more opulent, we stumbled upon paintings by Patrick Hughes that moved with us. Yes, each of the three angles (front, left and right) offers a different painting and that left me mesmerized. Towards the back of the gallery is a section on Salvatore Dali and a piece by Picasso.

To conclude, the store is a pinnacle of luxury and cutting-edge innovation in the world of accessories. Words and imagery cannot do justice to the beautifully created artistic frames the store offers in reality. The store is truly an immersive experience that appeals to design enthusiasts, homeowners, architects, and interior designers alike.

Where: Unit No. 356 and 357, MG Road, Near Sultanpura Metro Station, New Delhi - 110030

Opening on: September 1, 2023


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