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South Delhi Gets A New Pizzeria, Camillo's at The Manor

South Delhi has a new pizzeria nestled at the quaint The Manor Hotel at Friends Colony West, namely Camillo's. After the success of INJA, the brainchild of Panchali Mahendra, President of Atelier House Hospitality, decided to give Delhi a new gem, Camillo's. With a live pizza station and indoor and outdoor seating, earthy and minimalistic interiors and an Italian menu to die for, the space transports diners on a culinary journey that flawlessly unites Italian authenticity with contemporary splash. With contemporary interiors, the space is an inviting, laid-back ambience, providing a haven for pizza lovers and food connoisseurs.

The live pizza station instantly catches your attention as you step inside the restaurant while maroon couches and wooden chairs teamed with hanging lights illuminate the space. "The design of Camillo's strikes a balance between casual comfort and dining elegance," shared Panchali Mahendra, President of Atelier House Hospitality. "The goal was to create a space where guests could feel both pampered and completely at ease, akin to dining in a friend's upscale home." Warm, earthy tones and soft lighting set the scene for intimate conversations, while rustic elements and modern touches reflect a blend of tradition and innovation. We aim to blend the comfort of casual dining with the feel of fine dining, making every visit special." Striking the sweet spot between fine and casual dining, the laid-back ambiance, warm hospitality and high-quality food and ingredients made a long-lasting impact.

But at the heart of Camillo's culinary masterpiece lies the pizza, paying tribute to the beloved Neapolitan tradition. The dough is light, airy and just the right amount of chewy making for a perfect crust– slatter on some San Marzano tomato sauce cheese and Italian topping and viola, the flavours come together in perfect balance. However at Camillo's the pizza dough gets a special treatment, the dough, a masterpiece with a 70% hydration ratio, undergoes a careful process of alternating hot and cold proofing, resulting in a crust that is simply divine. Speaking on process Panchali elaborates, "When crafting the menu at Camillo's, a lot of thought and care went into it, especially with the dough. We believe good dough is the secret to amazing pizza. At Camillo's, the pizza dough undergoes a careful process of hydration and proofing. They aim for a 70% hydration level, which makes the dough light and gives the crust a nice crispness. The process includes both hot and cold proofing, allowing the dough to develop a good flavour and texture. This approach ensures the dough isn't just a base for the toppings but an important part of the pizza's overall taste." And.. we couldn't agree more! The highlight of the pizza for us too boiled down to the crust. "We also chose San Marzano tomato sauce because it pairs so well with their dough. While we wanted to keep some classic flavours in mind, we got creative with the toppings to appeal to local tastes, but cheese is another highlight. We use a mix of Danish, local, and Italian cheeses to get the flavour just right."

Moving our focus to the menu, we indulged in the Margherita pizza, which had a wonderful dough, fermented for over 36 hours, light and chewy, with fresh tomato sauce, the Caesar’s Salad was one of the best versions I could get. The whole lettuce bud was charred and dressed with creamy dressing, finely chopped croutons, a burst of parmesan cheese and herb oil on top. The avocado tacos were crunchy and creamy at the same time and filled with flavour and the sweet ending was a deconstructed tiramisu which had a light, foamy mascarpone that was just right.

Camillo promises delectable flavours mingled with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and masterful culinary techniques that convert every bite into a preview of heaven."At Camillos Pizzeria, we offer more than just delicious pizzas. Every dish is a story, brimming with heritage yet raised with current finesse," Panchali told The Style List. From the Wild Mushroom & Burrata and the Caramalized Onion & Feta, to the Prosciutto Crudo, a delicious Caesar salad presented with the entire lettuce leaf to crunchy and flavourful avocado tacos and a deconstructed tiramisu, the menu spells out Italian dining. If you are inching towards pasta don't forget to try the Rigatoni with a rich Arrabbiata sauce, or opt for the yummy Prawns with sambal oelek garlic butter and fresh sourdough bread, Wild Mushroom Risotto, or the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Sticking to authentic Italian techniques while weaving in local flavours is the ethos behind the menu. "By offering a mix of traditional and innovative pizzas, we hope to attract both those who love classic pizzas and those eager to try new tastes."

On the brighter side, the menu isn't limited to simply lunch and dinner, you can indulge in a lavish breakfast feast between 8-11 am at Camillo's. Bite into their classic Ham & Cheese Sandwich, egg-cetera and classic breakfast staples.

While the food was overall delicious, the pizzas were the main attraction, and I'd be back time and time for them. For me, the pizza spot is just what the city needed, because with a dough like that, pizza is never a bad idea!


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