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SMOKE Wear Brings Together Fashion, Functionality and Gender Neutrality

Exploring environment-friendly and genderless fashion in a tête-à-tête with Sanya V. Jain, Creative Director, SMOKE Wear.

Chic, comfortable and sophisticated, perfectly describe the athleisure trend. What started out as a way to wear gym clothes on the streets in the 2010s, soon found itself on the couture runways. And.....that was the emergence of athleisure.

While some assumed it to be a fad, others insisted that it was here to say, and now we can safely say the latter was quite right. Athleisure celebrates fashion-forward sportswear that can typically be worn to the gym, on the streets, for a casual outing or even for those days when you're running errands. Over a decade into the birth of the trend we see no evidence of the trend dying down.

From high-street brands to luxury houses and homegrown brands, individuals across the globe have joined the bandwagon. One such homegrown label is SMOKE Wear by Sanya V. Jain, which brings together fashion and functionality through their loungewear and athleisure creations. "Fashion and functionality go hand in hand. Especially in the world we are living today, functionality is key and of course, it is essential to look chic. We at Smoke Wear ensure that our clothes represent both of these elements," shared Jain.

Launched in 2020, an environmentally friendly and genderless approach to fashion lies at the centre of the brand ethos. A black and white colour palette characterises the collection with a subtle pop of colours. Adding further to the USP are the designs and aesthetics that push the ideas of nonconformity, gender identity, and fashion functionality. In the world of today when gender-neutral fashion is seeing phenomenal growth, Sanya believes that the rise will continue in the years to come."I believe there is no such thing as men’s fashion and women’s fashion – clothes don’t have a gender! Everyone wants to explore different looks – I personally love to just pick things up from my husband’s wardrobe and have fun with them." Baggy, relaxed silhouettes with a dash of structure perfectly describe the brands' design sensibility.

In the recent past, celebrities like Shanaya Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Sara Ali Khan, Ishan Khattar and Fatima Shaikh have been spotted in chic ensembles by the brand. SMOKE Wear has also joined hands with Delhi-based design houses Khanijo and Lovebirds. "I love and resonate with Lovebirds, Khanijo and Prxkhxr’s work and thus we collaborated

with them on our previous collections. We are a proud homegrown brand with a country full of talented artists and designers. We would like to fully explore the homeland and collaborate with brilliant and like-minded designers."

Their black and white capsule collection features a refreshing mix of t-shirts, sweatshirts hoodies, joggers, shorts and baggy shirts. Showcasing the power of accessories is their Upcycled Project which is the ideal choice to make for a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to fashion, and also the easiest way to add some glam to your ensemble. Evergreen and timeless, each piece from the collection is a keepsake. Browse through the collection here.


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