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Product Review: Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 2X!

Innisfree's best selling products got a super cute packaging upgrade with the BT21 characters, and we can't help but lust over them. The Korean naturalism beauty brand unveiled a new BT21 Limited Edition Range featuring new characters created by LINE FRIENDS. The character; KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, and COOK, each depict a personality characteristic of the millennial generation worldwide. The collection consists of its best-seller products- Volcanic Cluster Line, Cleanser Set and Promotional Gift Sets.

Khoya: My music will find you peace on perplexed nights.

RJ: Let me give you a nice, big hug!

Shooky: I love everything, but just be careful with milk!

Mang: I feel the beat, I breathe the beat.

Chimmy: I love me, myself and I!

Tata: This is TATA from ou-TA space!

Cook: Think you've figured me out? Think Twice.

Product Review: Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 2X

We reviewed Innifree's Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 2X. A new and improved formula,it has been boosted with a new ingredient Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere TM to give it twice the absorption power as compared to the Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. So here's our review on the product!

Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 2X

Price & Quantity: INR 1450, 100 ml

Where To Buy: Your nearest Innisfree store.


The Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 2X comes in the cutest packaging ever, featuring the character Chimmy. The bottle comes in a cardboard green and black box with Chimmy using a skipping rope. The bottle itself is a dark chocolate brown colour, and the character Chimmy adds a pop of yellow to the bottle. Since the bottle is opaque it's difficult to judge how much product is left. The product is packed in a bottle with a pump featuring a tiny nozzle which can be covered using a lid.

What Is It?

The super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 2X is a pore-clearing mousse clay mask that effectively gets rid off all excess impurities and works on the pores. Containing exfoliating ingredients it wipes of dead skin, leaving your skin deeply cleansed.


Although the product is packaged in the form of a pump, be rest assured that the texture is that of a mousse; soft, silky & smooth, and not foam. A luxurious formula the grey silky smooth, thick paste-like texture features extremely fine clay mousse particles. With a lightweight and airy texture, the solution is not runny or sticky and has no scent.

Ease of Application

The product is super easy to use. All you need to do is press the pump with care to dispense an appropriate amount into your palm and apply evenly onto dry skin after cleansing the face avoiding the eye and lips area. Leave it on and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. rinse off with lukewarm water.

With a luxurious silky smooth texture, it glides onto your skin easily allowing the product to be applied evenly all over the face. So forget about the stress of vigorously spreading it evenly on the face. It's neither too thick nor too thin making the process seamless. Since the product doesn't dry up immediately it gives you ample time to apply it consistently. The best part about the silky smooth texture is that you can apply it with the help of your fingers and you don't need to use a spatula.

How Does Your Skin Feel Immediately After Application?

On applying, the mask felt soft, smooth, and extremely lightweight. Throughout the 15 minutes, it felt as though I had nothing on my face. Slowly, after 2-3 minutes the mask began to dry. It was only after 10-12 minutes that the mask dried completely, and turned a shade lighter. The cracks then started appearing on the mask, making my facial movements slightly stiff. Although cracks appeared the product did not become flaky and fall. I felt a cooling sensation on my skin throughout, which makes it a great product for the summer and humid climatic conditions. Once the mask dried out completely I rinsed it off with lukewarm water. Although the product was a little stubborn to rinse off, using a cotton swab dipped in lukewarm water did the trick.

This one of the best masks I've used. On removing the mask my skin instantly felt soft, supple, rejuvenated and deeply hydrated. I could feel that my skin had been deeply cleansed, and it reduced my visible pore to almost nothing. It not only cleans the pores but also removes all blackheads. My skin could breathe again, it had bounce and felt refreshed like never before. The cherry on top was the instant luminosity it gave my skin. The feeling of oiliness and sickness had gone leaving me with an even skin tone and refreshed skin. My skin did not feel dry but deeply nourished.

Skin Type

It's a great product for people who have an oily skin type. Once rinsed off it, it removes the oiliness from your face.

Did it lead to any breakouts/side effects?

There were no negatives for me. It did not lead to any redness, breakouts or irritation. Although, if you're someone with sensitive skin, I would advise you to apply it on a small patch before using it on the entire face.

What makes it better than others?

Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 2X is twice more powerful in removing excess impurities and dust from your face. The micro clay mousse particles glide smoothly onto your skin, without the need for an extra spatula or getting stuck behind the nails. It exfoliates and deeply cleanses your skin in one go giving your skin an even skin tone and an instant glow. Unlike other masks, it does not dry out your skin. Since it's not sticky or runny it makes the application process seamlessly.

It's a great purifying mask when you're looking for a deep cleanse. The BT21 collection products will be in store for a limited period, so hurry up and snag yours!


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