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Primal Gray's New Collection A Second Skin Focuses on Sustainability

Primal Gray, a forward-thinking high-fashion label launched in 2022 by Yuv Bharatram, has unveiled its latest collection, AW 23: 9 AM to 9 PM - A Second Skin. The brand's ethos revolves around sustainability, environmental consciousness, and the creation of contemporary luxury garments for the mindful consumer. The collection, characterized by clean and contemporary silhouettes, places a strong emphasis on detail and meticulous tailoring. In addition, the label elevates its core aesthetic with a sophisticated twist by employing meticulous attention to linear structures and detailed tailoring.

Yuv Bharatram shares insights into the brand's philosophy and the inspiration behind Primal Gray. He emphasizes, "Primal Gray was built on the principle of not only being environmentally conscious but also paying close attention to clean and linear silhouettes that could be worn from 9 AM - 9 PM, from work to dinner." The brand's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in its use of premium fabrics certified by globally recognized standards such as OEKO Tex and Fairtrade Cotton Twills, Organic Terry Cottons, and Global Recycled Standard rPet Polyesters. He further added, "It is a brand that would not only be comfortable and conscious but also focuses in depth on detailing and quality to make for a seasonless wardrobe that would last our consumers. We carefully handpick each of our premium fabrics to minimize resource intensity and our carbon footprint. This concept was always one of the key pillars at the inception of the brand."

Recently, the brand unveiled its latest collection, the AW 23, 9 AM to 9 PM: A Second Skin, to celebrate the season's bonfires and festivals. The AW 23 collection, A Second Skin, draws inspiration from the season's bonfires and festivals, encapsulating the essence of community and togetherness. Bharatram explains, "The collection reflects the nourishment that comes with the gathering of communities, with the launch of a new category of knitwear in pure cotton and the addition of prints in recycled polyester silk, capturing both lounging moments with friends and festive family gatherings." The name "A Second Skin" is not arbitrary but intentional, as Bharatram elaborates, "Our collection is crafted with luxuriously soft fabrics, carefully tailored to mimic the sensation of a second skin, providing warmth and flexibility." The Elevated Knitwear, designed to hug the body, utilizes light and breathable fabrics, making it an ideal shield against the brisk elements.

Drawing inspiration from both high tailoring and laid-back lounging silhouettes, the collection harmonizes refined cuts with distinctive cutouts and intricate details. The Elevated Knitwear, designed to embrace the body like a second skin, utilizes light and breathable fabrics to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and style. The new collection embodies the essence of community by bringing together like-minded individuals who share the same passion and energy. It offers a new category of knitwear crafted from pure cotton and prints made from recycled polyester silk, perfectly capturing both leisurely moments with friends and festive family gatherings.

The collection features sophisticated tailoring, intricate details, and refined cuts inspired by both high tailoring and laid-back lounging silhouettes, all while utilizing light and breathable fabrics that embrace the body like a second skin. The colour palette of the season takes inspiration from the charm of old towns nestled amidst snow-capped mountains, such as the Alps and the Himalayas. It features earthy tones juxtaposed with vivid hues, mirroring the construction of houses with wood and stone, yet punctuated by vibrantly tiled rooftops. Bharatram aptly summarises it by saying, "We used earthy colours juxtaposed with bright and vibrant hues; the same way that houses are made using wood and stone but the rooftops are tiled using vibrant shingles. When the layers you put on act as your second skin, to keep you all bundled and warm." The collection also introduces floral and geometric prints that encapsulate the essence of a unique winter moment.

When asked about the brand's approach to fashion as a millennial brand, Bharatram underscores the importance of sustainable practices and a focus on reducing the carbon footprint. He states, "We believe in purchasing pieces that you can wear through seasons and years. Clothing is our second skin, and buying better quality and more conscious pieces is always a better idea than just following trends."

Regarding the evolving market, Bharatram notes the shift in consumer behaviour, particularly among Gen Z. He observes, "Gen Z is more vocal and demands brands to be open and transparent with their practices. We put all our information and data on our website product pages to educate our consumers on how we are environmentally conscious." Recognizing the changing preferences of millennials, he adds, "We also see a shift in millennials who have now found their own personal styles and are willing to spend a bit more on something of better quality."

Primal Gray emerges as a beacon of elegance, comfort, and ethical fashion, redefining luxury in the contemporary landscape. The AW 23 collection not only showcases the brand's commitment to sustainability but also its ability to seamlessly blend style and consciousness, offering consumers a seasonless wardrobe that stands the test of time.


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