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50 Years Ago Omega's Watch went To The Moon!

When it comes to luxury watches the one name we can all resonate with is Omega. 2019 is a landmark year for the luxury brand as Omega celebrates 50 glorious years of its iconic watch, Speedmaster. The iconic timepiece goes back a long way. It was 50 years ago that man stepped onto the moon for the very first time along with the Speedmaster, which was the first watch to be worn on the moon. The watch with is legendary design still continues to inspire the brand even till today.

To celebrate the glorious 50 years, OMEGA has continued the legacy of luxury watches and has unveiled two new limited edition watches as a tribute to the Apollo 11 mission – Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition and Speedmaster 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine.

Celebrating the golden anniversary in style the new OMEGA Limited Edition MoonshineTM is built in 18K Moonshine Gold which is a unique new alloy that is a paler hue than traditional yellow gold and is more resistant to fading over time. With modern technology, material and design upgrades, the design is reminiscent of lunar history with new and improved movement. The iconic timepiece is a replica of watches made for astronauts in the NASA space program and given out at a gala dinner in Houston during the fall of 1969. Just 1,014 pieces will be made, each retailing for a whopping $34,600.

Image Source: Omega

The second watch made is to celebrate 50 years of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who become the first humans to stand on the moon. OMEGA has crafted a new Limited Edition watch inspired by Apollo 11. The watch is created in stainless steel with a slate gray dial polished in black ceramic with OMEGA Ceragold. The indexes, bezel, OMEGA logo and almost all of the hands have been created in 18K MoonshineTM Gold – Omegas new patent alloy. The case back of this watch features an astronaut’s footprint with the famous words spoken by Armstrong- “That’s One Small Step For A Man, One Giant Leap For Mankinnd.” This watch will be presented in an astronaut box and retails for $9,650. 6,969 pieces are being built of this limited edition watch.

They say a diamond is a woman’s best friend but when it comes to men, we can safely say that a watch is a man's best friend. Luxurious, suave and sophisticated, it is the perfect fashion accessory to take your look up a notch. So it’s time to add a twist to your wrist!


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