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An Ode to Maternal, Unveiling Nitin Kohli Home's Remarkable Mǔ ái Collection

Blending classical and modern design sensibilities, Nitin Kohli unveils his new collection Mǔ ái. By Arushi Sakhuja

The fusion of creativity, functionality, and emotional resonance in each piece makes it clear why Nitin Kohli Home is a frontrunner in the design industry. Renowned for creating stunning interior spaces in the country and abroad since 1992, he has carved a niche for himself in the competitive realm of residential and commercial design. With a distinctive design philosophy characterized by enduring, modern, intimate, and explicit elements, Delhi-based Nitin Kohli Home brings a gamut of exquisite interior decor to life at their store in the upmarket district of Ambawatta One New Delhi. Nestled in the vibrant city of New Delhi, India, Nitin Kohli Home has solidified its reputation as a design company that seamlessly blends versatility and ambidexterity.

Known for his commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the norms of contemporary design, his ability to seamlessly blend functionality with artistry is evident in the unique and captivating spaces crafted by Nitin Kohli Home. Speaking on his design aesthetic the veteran shared, "I'm a person who loves all natural materials. I like to restrict my designing to using more natural material be it marble, wood, veneer, or metal." Adding further he says his preferred colour palettes are usually montones, I like to do tonal work rather than mixing around too many colours. So if it's a dark palette, I would actually pick dark palettes for the entire space and punctuate it with splashes of colour."

The brand has become synonymous with a fusion of creativity, functionality, and emotional resonance. In the heart of design innovation, Nitin Kohli Home takes centre stage once again with the launch of their latest masterpiece – the mǔ ài collection. This extraordinary collection intricately captures the profound essence of maternal love, drawing inspiration from the diverse beauty of nature.

About the collection mǔ ài

The newly unveiled collection mǔ ài, encapsulates the essence of maternal love as witnessed in the diverse beauty of nature. Traversing all realms predominant in the collection are collectables and soft furnishings inspired by animals. Throughout the collection nature is a source of design inspiration with its boundless artistry. The stunning furniture and interior products unfold the tapestry of maternal affection in various forms. This collection draws inspiration from the boundless love observed in nature and encapsulates the spirit of protection, warmth, and timeless elegance. Each piece is a celebration of the universal language of motherly love, transcending cultural boundaries to resonate with a profound sense of connection and emotion. Reflecting on the personal significance of the mǔ ài collection Nitin Kohli honours the memory of his recently departed mother, he shares, "This collection of mine, as you know, is dedicated to my mother. The term mǔ ài is a Mandarin word for maternal love. The furniture pieces were designed while she was still around, but the final accessorization and the look came around after her. Her influence shaped the very core of my being. This collection, therefore, stands as an ode to her unyielding love, sacrifice, resilience, and elegance – a heartfelt tribute that adds a deeply personal dimension to the designs."He continues to say, "Maternal love is not restricted only to humans. It's also present in the animal kingdom, and that's why you'll find a lot of animal motives and art pieces, et cetera, which actually depict the animals."

Blending classic and modern, Kohli showcases the currently trending design aesthetic of The Modern French. The trend blends classical elements like intricate carving and panelling on the wall with modern and contemporary pieces. Speaking on the upcoming trend he says, "One of the latest trends which is my favourite is the French Modern. I'm trying to push that into most of my projects and even in this collection. It is reflected in our collection with the nice classical walls featuring floral motives on the wall, and the doorways the furniture that sits in front of it is all modern, so it blends really nicely and we call it the French modern." However, he believes that five years from now, there will be a resurgence of classic-style homes in its entirety.

While he believes in tonal designs, Nitin uses splashes of colour to break the monotony. Throughout the collection, one can find matte finishes, especially in the kitchen, a dark-tone men's den, and pastel colour tones used for the living space, while a recliner bed is one of the newest introductions by Nitin Kohli. Gold and ivory are a key colour trend in the design realm as per the veteran. " As opposed to earlier when there used to be a lot of gloss, one major change in the collection is that most of my furniture pieces come in a matte finish, especially the kitchen. We've done a matte finish kitchen, and it's all classical with, again, ivory and gold blending." A key highlight of the collection is the large lamp in a striking dark grey hue, and modern is juxtaposed with contemporary as a common thread. However, his undying love for veneer finds its way to the walls of living spaces and bedrooms.

With this collection, each piece tells a unique story of warmth, protection, and timeless elegance, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.


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