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Mental Health Is Important: 4 Services In Delhi To Support You

A happy face is not always happy. What we go through mentally cannot be perceived by a second person, and especially during the lockdown. Mental health is important now more than ever. We are battling the impact of the novel coronavirus not only economically but also mentally causing us to feel down and out on numerous occasion. This is the time we as a society need to talk more about mental health, and break the stigma attached to it. Mental health is integral to living a healthy, balanced life and it impacts your thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Being healthy emotionally can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities and allows you to adapt to changes in your life and cope with uncertain and tough times.

In light of actor Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, which is being reported as due to depression, we all need to realise that seeking help is absolutely okay. It is at times like these that we need a someone to talk to - someone unbiased and non-judgmental to help you deal with the emotions and the stress. Sometimes we look over our emotions, pushing them under the carpet to carry on with our daily lives and that is a red flag. Address how you feel, reach out to your near and dear ones. If you are unable to get the help from friends or family, visit a professional. A therapist is always able to understand you better, you can speak you heart out without the fear of being judged. It's crucial to remember to take it step by step. Visiting a therapist (someone who does not prescribe medicines) is the first step to mental care. Let the therapist/psychology then direct you to a psychiatrist (someone who prescribes medicines) if the need arises. Staying quiet and dealing with all the pressure is never the answer, it's time to come out and talk about it. Counselling works as a means of catharsis and works differently for different people.

Just like we visit a doctor when we are not feeling well physically, emotional and mental well-being requires the same amount of care and attention, if not more. It's time to break the taboo, move over looking at mental health as a weakness and seek help when you need it. We've put together a list of hospitals and mental health care units in Delhi NCR that you can visit if you're feeling down and out.

Fortis is the leading hospital in Delhi when it comes to mental health. With a focus on mental health from the early 2000's Dr. Samir Parikh leads the Fortis National Mental Health Program to make mental health a priority for all. The mental healthcare system comprises a multidisciplinary team of experts including psychiatrists, clinical and counselling psychologists, art and movement based therapists, remedial experts, psychodynamic psychotherapists.

To book call +91 9811806117

Located in Gurugram, Sukoon is a first of its kind Super Specitalty hospital focused on Mental Health. During these tough times Sukoon launched an online counselling service for any citizen who is feeling uneasy during these times. The services extend from clinical psychology, counselling, psychiatry, occupational therapy and art-based therapy to make you mind and body feel at ease.

To book call +91 8448170041

Vimhans, located in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi focuses on mental well being for both adults and children. Through liaison building, rehabilitation services and specialised mental health services, Vimhans focuses on combating and addressing mental care selflessly.

To book call +011-29802980

4. Karma

In lieu of the ongoing corona crisis Karma is providing counselling services through the mode of telecommunication/web based services. From special care for children and elderly to group therapy, sex and sexuality concerns as well as clinical and counselling services, Karma care located in Vasant Vihar, is an effort cater to a large sections of individuals/populations in need or those that will benefit from the process of counselling.

To book call +91-9821477730

During the course of our lives we need to deal with emotional upheavals and delimmas. Overcoming them without a sense of helpness of feeling stuck is key, counselling helps one to adapt effectively and cope with it.

Obuka and Parivarthan are two such firms for counselling services.

Parivarthan focuses on providing counselling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families that are appropriately tuned to Indian cultural context and changing societal realities.

To book call 080 25273462

OBUKA, in Serbian means 'to nurture' and their vision is to improve Mental Well-being to create a healthier world.

It's time to break the stigmatisation associated with mental health. Reach out to your friends and family in need if they don't reach out to you. Always remember there is no better feeling than putting your mind and body at ease. Speaking your heart out and reaching out is a start!

It's time to break the stigmatisation associated with mental health. Reach out to your friends and family in need if they don't reach out to you. Always remember there is no better feeling than putting your mind and body at ease


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