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In Conversation With Isha Rajpal, The Powerhouse Behind Rose Room Couture

Creating couture for the modern, sassy, sexy, confident and powerful women of today, Roseroom Couture spells out luxury, elegance and grace with an edgy twist. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian Era, each piece is handcrafted for the standout lady, who owns the game. Isha believes in making every woman feel extraordinary in her own skin. We caught up with Isha to know all about the origin of her label.

Rose Room spells out luxury and opulence with its design aesthetics. What is the inspiration behind your label?

Rose Room Couture is an ode to the ideal woman, who is confident, self- assured, fun, sexy yet elegant. Through the label, I try to create luxury that is authentic, endearing and graceful, while set in timeless silhouettes. The label aims to create custom-made ensembles that will make every woman feel extraordinary in her own skin.

Describe your personal style & what the ideal Roseroom Woman looks like

I strongly believe in the philosophy that what we wear defines who we are and the energy we carry. My personal style is something that I put a lot of thought and consideration into, trying to put my best foot forward. I’m always going for a vivacious yet elegant vibe, which makes it a breeze for me to carry any evening wear with absolute comfort. Simply put, I could define my style as effortless chic with a touch of glamour.

Any/all women are the ideal Rose Room women. It’s all about connecting with the brand, loving what they see and trusting me that I will give them something that is uber fashionable, glamorous, elegant, stylish, chic and something that is absolutely and one hundred percent them!

When you are looking for design inspiration, what is your source of inspiration?

Honestly, it’s my RRC ladies! It’s important to see and know what they are looking from me and my brand. They are my inspiration to create more pieces that they feel comfortable, confident and sexy in while being their most graceful self. Every woman out there is different and the way they carry themselves is different too. I, as a designer really look and understand

as to what is it that is coming into the trend and what kind of clothes are the ladies looking for. Is it heavy, simple or a mix of both without tiring themselves out while wearing it? So it’s important to connect with my clients and to really understand who they are and what they want.

With covid-19 fashion trends have taken a back seat, what is your opinion?

I think fashion trends can never take a back seat. Fashion is ever-evolving and adapting. There might be no development in the conventional sense but there have been fashion trends that have adapted to the covid-19. So something or the other will become a trend. For example, designer masks! As long as people love and have a passion for fashion, the trends or the fashion evolution can never take a back seat.

After mastering Western wear silhouettes that scream out glamour, what drove you to start creating an India wear line?

Just the sheer grandness of our Indian wear. I mean who doesn’t feel their sexiest and their absolute graceful self in a lehenga or a saree? Indian wear resonates with each and every girl out there, makes her feel so beautiful. There are just one too many ways a person can play with Indian wear in terms of design, fabrics, fall, cuts, embroidery and what not. It can be as complex or as simple as a person would like it to be without losing its grace, style and the luxurious feel if done right. Nowadays everyone wants something that is chic, grand, modern in design but that is also traditional and super comfortable. So that’s where my creative juices really started running and I decided to create my very own Indian Classics collection!

Tell us about the Indian wear line you are currently working on.

Our Indian Classics collection is the perfect blend of intricate handwork, delicate lace, understated and comfortable glamour. It is something different that is edgy yet comfortable or something that’s festive, but minimal. It is both uber-luxurious and fashionable and something that is a must-have for your Indian collection in your wardrobe. It’s a chic addition to your wedding and festive attire. The ensembles that bespoke, ethereal and form-flattering. A presentation of soothing pastels and jewel tones, two opposites that are meshed seamlessly together in this collection. This collection is all about the classic subtle colours, modern design yet fashionable Indian wear with of course a Roseroom Twist!

Now that weddings are getting smaller and less extravagant, do you think it will impact the launch of your new collection?

I don’t think so at all! Nowadays in India or even around the world, there is a trend for the big dream wedding. You know how the girl dreams about her wedding day. The biggest part of that dream is her lehenga. Every bride dreams of being dolled up and walking down the aisle. Now because of covid, the weddings have become smaller which has already hampered the dream a little and now she won’t compromise on the wedding ensemble which is the highlight of the wedding in a way. So in order to feel like a bride, for the complete experience, I don’t think the girls out there will compromise on their wedding attire. I feel they will go exactly for what they wanted if not go even grander on what they dreamt of. It’s absolutely beautiful the kind of emotions that are associated with wedding ensemble, you want it to be just the perfect one!

One brand that is the powerhouse of the fashion industry and why?

Zuhair Murad is my undefeated choice – he knows a women’s heart and mind- he masters the elegance sophistication and eminence opulence

A few styling tips you'd like to share with the women of today?

You are fierce yet gentle YOU ARE hot yet elegant you are POWERFUL yet. compassionate you are a complete goddess just the way you are in the present moment – JUST BE YOU – wear what defines your personality what defines your aura don’t imitate and squash your identity STAY UNIQUE AND BE YOU.

Current fashion obsession?

Laces, flowy dreamy dresses.

A common thread amongst all your creations?

Luxury, elegant, opulence, fashionable, chic, stylish and most importantly comfortable for each and every one of my ladies!


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