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Home Away From Home-In Conversation With Jahan Tahiliani, CEO, Tahiliani Homes

They say home is where the heart is, and nothing can be compared to the comfort of your own space. While taking a vacation is often needed, finding a place to stay may not always give you the warmth of a home. Tahiliani homes - an interior and architecture firm from the Design House of Tarun Tahiliani - aims to provide you with a home away from home for your next vacation.

Tahiliani Homes is the newest benchmark in home and hospitality design in India and marks the renaissance of interiors, architecture and design consultancy in the country. With Tarun Tahiliani at the helm of Tahiliani homes, the company sets space designing goals with a bold new aesthetic that will appeal to the discerning and well-travelled homeowner. Verdant spaces that are seamlessly integrated with deftly handcrafted materials and finishes, muted shades of ivory, taupe, grey and black complementing each other are just some of the elements that define a Tahiliani Home. 

Tahiliani Homes Forays Into Luxury Serviced Holiday Homes In Goa  - 'Tahiliani Homes Advantage' service, where they endeavour to become the premier destination for serviced holiday homes in India.

The three-tier Tahiliani Homes Advantage program that allows their clientele to avail an entire bouquet of post-sale services:

1.   Housekeeping They have set up a world-class housekeeping and maintenance team who are available to look after homes and maintain the villa to clients' standards.

2.   Rental Management TH team understands that many homeowners are buying the villas as a secondary or tertiary home. They understand the desire that some of the owners will choose to leverage their assets and get a yield out of their investment.

3.   Concierge Services

The concierge service extends to all of the homeowners and the TH team is extremely excited to show guests and patrons some of Goa's finest establishments and a vast array of personalized services available at your fingertips.

We caught up with Jahan Tahiliani, CEO, Tahiliani Homes to know more about the venture.

1) What inspired you to start a luxury holiday home service in India?

It was during my time at CBRE where I got a bird’s eye view of all the various stakeholders from developers, landowners, investors, HNI’s and fund houses to see how each of them co-existed in this ecosystem and what expectations they had from the market. It was during this experience here that I gained the confidence to start my own studio to build luxury homes. While I was working at CBRE, I saw my father take on few design mandates for interior and architectural projects across residential and hospitality spaces. A designer who is known for fashion, we already had a legacy and lots of patrons all over the country who have been loyal to our brand for decades. It was at this point I realized that there was a huge gap in the market that needed to be addressed as there were very few established names with high profiles and a long history of delivering supreme quality in this space.

2) What is the ideology behind Tahiliani Homes?

Tahiliani Homes interprets and crafts the artistry of lives; designing homes to belong to.

3) Tell us about your newest venture and what makes it different from other hotels?

Trust is a big issue in this industry, so we pride ourselves on having a legacy that speaks for itself and is synonymous with high quality and delivering more than what we promise. I realized there was a lot we had to offer in terms of brand and design equity. There was a big disconnect in the market and I realized there was a big opportunity to enter into this space and start leveraging the brand and design that we have to offer to consumers across India and even abroad.

4) Where do you draw inspiration from?

We draw inspiration from our rich cultural heritage. We also draw inspiration from our entire travels world over. We like to incorporate the best practices from wherever we are fortunate enough to experience; this is where we feel we have a big advantage over other service providers. Between my two main design principles, they have a combined experience of over 60 years traversing through India and traveling the world has learned from all walks of life and we have reintegrated the best practices into our homes.

5) Tell us about the style aesthetic that defines Tahiliani Homes?

We don’t have just a singular aesthetic because we do a wide variety of projects. For our secondary homes in tropical regions, we have developed our own unique style. The original inspiration was from our team’s extensive travels through South Asia and frequenting the likes of Geoffrey Bawa who pioneered the indoor/outdoor living as we know it today. We have further developed this aesthetic and formed our unique style known as Tropical eclecticism. With an approach that is a synthesis of modernist values of the 90s, progressive engineering and seamless integration of master crafts; these chords are composed together to accentuate indigenous materials and nature of flora and fauna around the properties. It is this focus that builds a distinct character.

We do more primary residences outside tropical areas. The architectural and interior style is more suited for modern urban dwellings. Here we have a strong India Modern outlook and design the homes to showcase our rich heritage fitted with modern comforts and amenities.

6) What does a home designed by you look like?

As mentioned, we have different styles for different purposes. Depending on the need of the hour we design those homes accordingly.

7) Tell us what your dream home looks like?

My dream home is open to the skies and all the elements as much as it can be. To be integrated with nature would be my first priority. To complement this I would like to keep the house simple with few areas showcasing fine craftsmanship and artisanal works from around India. Add modern amenities and comforts and this is my dream home. Understated yet elegant.

8) One thing you enjoyed working on the most while starting Tahiliani Homes?

Building a new brand has been a wonderful challenge and a great learning journey for me. I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

9) The challenges you faced when starting out?

I didn’t have too much prerequisite experience in this field. I feel I am much learning a lot all the time which makes the journey that much more enjoyable.

10) What is the most valuable piece of art you own?

My father has gifted me with a few of his own works that I suspect will be extremely valuable in time.

11) Who are your favourite home decor designers and why?

AVA studios with principal designer Alina Vadera. She is extremely talented and I enjoy seeing her work very much.

12) When designing a home, do you prefer a maximalist or minimalist approach?

I prefer a minimalist approach. The less clutter the better. The room should be beautiful when empty. The beauty comes from beautiful detailing. That is the trick.

13) A piece of advice you'd like to give someone who is re-doing the interiors of their home?

Be true to yourself, don’t follow popular design trends. Think about what resonates with you and then go in that direction.

14)  One place you love doing the interiors for the most and why? (eg bedroom, living room, dining room, etc) 

Living room, it’s the public spaces where the world sees one's home and gets a window into their life.

15) How many holiday homes are there currently and where all do you plan to expand to (national and international)?

We have over 10 completed homes in India and plan to do many more over the next few years. We plan to do over 50 in the next 5 years in both national and international markets. Next on our list are Dubai, London, and the USA.

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